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Orgasm make it easier to conceive??
lindseymk posted:
I heard if a woman orgasms it makes it easier to conceive. Is there any truth to that? I hardly ever orgasm with my husband. It's just not that important to me. May sound bad but as long as it feels good to me & him...I don't really care. I am guessing when a woman orgasm it relaxes her.. Any thoughts?

P.S. We have been trying for almost a year now after having a blighted ovum miscarriage last November.
CortneyMarie responded:
It is true, when a woman there are muscle contractions that can help pull the sperm if present "up". Sometimes DH makes sure I orgasm after he finished which is a happy ending and is increasing our chances Good luck and baby dust!
Mrsmossy responded:
When you think about it humans are the only creatures that have sex for fun, all other sexually active things ONLY do it for reproduction... So the physical use of an orgasm would be to encourage conception. If your husband can work it out to where you get off as he gets off or right after it encourages the sperm in the right direction! So even though you don't mind not getting off, if your TTCing tell him to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Best of luck!
lindseymk replied to Mrsmossy's response:
Thank you both so much for your feedback. The more I think about it it seems logical as well. My husband & I will be working on it ) Thank you!!!
Mrsmossy replied to lindseymk's response:
Anytime!!! Hope it works out well for you guys!!! Happy thoughts and lots of baby dust to you!!!! Keep us posted for sure!
lovebrissette replied to CortneyMarie's response:
Actually a woman's orgasm kills male sperm an a woman's orgasm can be very acidic
bshah2 responded:
I have same situation like you. I do not have orgasm during sex with my husband. I do not drink or smoke, maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am 36 years old and got married last year with my boy friend. We are trying to have our first baby for last 3 months but no hope.

I am have my periods in b/w 28-31 days, last month it was on 8th and the month before it was on 10th. In 2009 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and was given Depot Lupron shot. It did not work & I had no period for about 6 months. I switched to Natural Therapy- Yoga & Herbal meditation. This helped me a lot I do not feel any more discomfort or pain of Endometriosis for last 1&1/2 years.

After this Depot Lupron shot I lost my orgasm, Is that a serious medical condition & preventing me to conceive? Any thought plz share? Is there any way to increase my chance to get orgasm?

My body can not take any medication, I am raised like this, using all herbal medications.

Any suggestion on TTC to increase my chance to conceive will be appreciated.

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