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5 months trying and doctor will not try treatment at request
An_241440 posted:
Hello ladies,

I'm new around here. Been trying with boyfriend for 5 months and just got my period .

i spoke to my doctor but I feel he's not being as helpful as I thought he would. He will not try any procedure on me until a year has passed. I thought that as long you asked for it he would perform as requested but he still wants me to wait.

I'm 31 years old and never been pregnant. Recently got a sonogram because I had a very strange period and he said that everything looked normal and healthy. I do fear that my tubes are blocked. I had one previous long term relationship in which I tried to conceive and nothing happened so this has been a fear of mine for years. Now, this is the first time I'm serious about it and I'm following every other rule in the book to make it happen and nothing yet. Changed diet, followed my very regular period, and had intercourse right before ovulation and after to solidify the results....but it's been frustrating over these few months when I talk to my doctor,

My questions:

what is the normal/expected time to "try" before getting an official doctor test for infertility?Do I have to wait a year? I really want to have children now, don't want to waste time.

My mother had to get her tubes "cleared" before having one my sibblings. Is this hereditary?

What test can I request my doctor before getting my bf's sperm in the picture? Another issue he mentioned, the doctor said he wants to see my bf's sperm...I thought they would check on me first.

I've been thinking in gong to another doctor but then again would be nice to have some suggestions here.

Thank you.
deliela999 responded:
Hi, I will tell you that normally they say a year of trying before they will do anything. I got started a little earlier because I suspected a problem so I used the home ovulation tests (the digital ones because everyone says the lines are hard to read) for about 3 months then took that information to my annual with me. I had not ovulated in that 3 months so my doctor was ok starting toward clomid. If it's really bugging you that much I have heard radio ads in the past for a fertility clinic near me for a set price (I can't remember but I think $100-200) they would do a certain set of tests including a sperm analysis.
ATT76 responded:
The doctors usually won't try anything until it has been a year. I am 35 never had any kids so i know about the clock ticking. My doctor checked my husbands sperm and my tubes in the same month (July), but every doctor is different. I have been trying for 13 month now and not sure when my doctor will say its time to go to a fertility doctor. I have done 3 rounds of clomid and he will only do 3. so my next option is IUI. I guess the only thing I can say to you is you either need to trust your doctor and feel they ahve your best interest in mind or if you really aren't happy find a new doctor. Hope that helps. Keep us posted.
camistoddard31 replied to ATT76's response:
Thank you guys. It gets a little frustrating but then again I'm just starting. I will be patient and will try for two more months. A friend just got the "tubes" procedure after being diagnosed with "unexplained infertility". We are praying lots for her; she's been trying for many years.

I want to do something soon; I feel doctors in america take forever to take care of things and they keep you coming back with no answers to charge your insurance.

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