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    Not this month :(
    MPS4me posted:
    BF & I have been TTC since Mar., but only seriously since May. I had been on BC pill for 5-6 yrs. prior. I am 33, BF is 37, and I have a DD that will be 8 at the end of this month.
    I was starting to get my hopes up last night as I was at C day 35, but this morning...AF. I just don't get it. I'm doing everything right, other than the fact that, I can't do anything about my "high-stress" life. I've been using the OPKs and having intercourse when we're supposed to. One of my DD's Dr. told me to try yoga, which I am considering. My own Fibro Dr. told me to stop taking my Ibupfrofen b/c it can slow your egg down? It's not that I don't believe him, but...I think he meant that it can slow down the travel momentum of the unfertilized egg? Not sure, but I quit taking it anyway as of Halloween. I've also quit taking Cymbalta in May, lost a little over 30 lbs. (with Phentermine help) since May, and quit smoking in June. I take a Gingko supplement for the Fibro-Fog, Folic Acid, B50, and a muscle relaxer in the a.m. everyday. I take Melatonin at night, and sometimes 1/2 of an Ambien. I have Xanax for anxiety, and b/c my real hormones are...not always nice, and I have perscription pain pills that are PRN, but I don't use them very often. I even got a massage in Sept. around the time of predicted ovulation b/c I read that it can help with conception.

    I will say, that for the past 2 months my Test Strips have been a little if-fy. In August I started using the OPKs. For Aug. I began testing on the 9th day of my C. I had negative results everyday or the first seven days, and finally had a positive reading on the 17th day of my C. I continued to have positive results (and intercourse) until the 19th day.

    In Sept. I started testing on the 12th day. The lines got darker on day 13, and day 14, but I had no clear, definable, positive result. On day 15 my little pink line started getting fainter so I thought maybe I had just missed my LH-surge by some hours or something. Last month, my faint, pink lines got increasingly darker for a few days, but still not a single, positive result.
    In Oct. I started testing on day 14 of my C and had a very faint pink line that got darker on day 15. On day 16 I got distracted and did not read my results in time so I took another test that afternoon, and got a very similar result as the day before. On day 17,18,19 the line just kept getting more faint pink.

    I am starting to consider cutting out all perscription meds for the Fibro, and only taking the vitamins & supplements.
    In August I read that Astroglide isn't sperm friendly, so we tried using just water, and then last month switched to ProSeed.
    I'm not trying to bring anyone down I know we are all in the same boat, I am just looking for suggestions, tips, advice??? Anything that might be of help.
    ATT76 responded:
    Have you tried the digital OPKs? Those might give you a more definite answer. Keep us posted.
    KCgirl1978 replied to ATT76's response:
    I have looked into them, even checked out craigslist, they are just...expensive, but each month AF shows up, I am more inclined to purchase. I know it doesn't make a ton of ton of sense, b/c children are quite a bit more expensive than a $200 digital monitor, it just seems...I don't know, I guess I'm afraid of being frivolous. The test strips I am currently using were actually sent to me from a friend who got a tummy tuck a few months after pruchasing them. On the up-side, the reviews/ results that I have read about those monitors are phenominal! A lot of them stating positive results after 1-2 months of use. I have also been afraid though, that those "reviews" have been padded, so to speak. It seems I am rambling quite a bit today, sorry about that. Long story short, each month the digital monitor becomes more and more worth the expense- as I'm sure most can relate.
    Ty for the reply Best Wishes! ~Erin
    deliela999 replied to KCgirl1978's response:
    I've been using the clearblue easy digital ovulation tests. You either get a or an empty circle so there's no debating how dark the line is. I've found them cheapest at walmart for $36 for the 20 pack.
    KCgirl1978 replied to deliela999's response:
    That's actually not too bad. The one I was referring to is the ClearPlan Blue or ClearPlan Easy??? It's a digital monitor, made by the same company I think, for $200. I think you can only buy it online, and in addition, you have to purchase the test strips separately...I think I've seen those in the stores though.
    JessieLynne33 replied to KCgirl1978's response:
    The ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor, I actually bought mine on EBay for 40 bucks not the $150 you find in the store. The test sticks are around $30. They say the first month you may not get a Peak reading because the monitor is getting used to your body. The first month I used it I had lots of High Readings but no Peak readings, I am now in my second month of using it, and I got 2 days of Peak readings, So I am in the 2 week wait period. Alot of people say they got pregnant in the first 3 months, so we will see.

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