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First time with Clomid
sah2480 posted:
So I am on day 17... this month was the first month using Clomid (Day 5-9) 50mg dose. We then had sex on Day 10, 12, 14 and 15. Has anyone else heard of the everyother day thing with using Clomid? Anyone have good results with Clomid? I heard there is a really good chance of twins? The two week thing is killing me... how are you passing the time?
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Thank you,
ATT76 responded:
I am on CD 22 and have 6 days left of the 2ww! This month was my 3rd round of clomid. We started having sex on day 8 then on 10, 13, 14, 15. I personally don't think it matters when you are on clomid or not. I do know a couple of people that had luck with of my friends had triplet boys! Anyway, good luck with the wait, I would love to say it is a breeze, but that's not true! You just need to occupy yourself with things that normally you wouldn't books, clean areas that you normally wouldn't, play games.

Good luck with the wait! Baby dust and keep me posted.
deliela999 responded:
I'm also on day 17 of my second round and bumped up to 100 mg this time. My doctor said every other day is important to give hubby's sperm time to build back up. He also said the chance of twins is about 5% but my sister's doctor said 10%. They all seem to have different approaches and instructions (I take on days 3-7) but I think as long as we have doctors we're comfortable with that are giving some instructions and monitoring that's what's we need. My sister has a beautiful daughter that's 8 weeks old tomorrow she conceived with help from clomid. That's my constant reminder that it's worth it and eventually I'll get there.
ATT76 replied to deliela999's response:
I agree! If you aren't comfortable with your doctor, then chances are you won't get pregnant with them. Think positive thoughts and all will be okay. (easier said then done...I know)!

Good luck!
sah2480 replied to deliela999's response:
How many rounds did your sister need to take clomid?
deliela999 replied to sah2480's response:
I think my sister told me she took 4 rounds and was on 100 mg when she conceived. I don't remember exactly. Good Luck! I go Sunday for my day 21 progesterone test than wait to see if I get AF or a BFP. I keep hoping for a Thanksgiving baby since I would have conceived this week. It seems appropriate since we will be so thankful.

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