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    Going on 7 months
    chevychick2188 posted:
    My husband and I have been ttc since May and so far it's been an emotional roller coaster. I stopped taking my BC in May and bled for 2-3 days immediately after stopping. Then I didn't get my period til July 22nd. Between May and July I felt all kinds of weird symptoms: Nausea, Fatigue, Cramps etc. So naturally I took tests. All of them told me "NOT PREGNANT". I was soooo upset. Then I didn't have my period again til November 3rd, after I went to the doctors to checked. He prescribed me Provera to "restart" my cycle. Which it did do that but now it's almost the end of December and i haven't see anything. Here's my dilemma.... I took 2 tests on December 8th & 9th, both of which told me I wasn't pregnant. Right after taking those tests I was slightly spotting before and after sex. Nothing had changed though in our sex life though. After each time I noticed the pink spotting I thought I was getting my period but it never went any farther. I am having some slight pain during intercourse which I've never had before. All of the symptoms that I was having before are still happening except I'm not getting Nauseous after eating anymore. I'm not sure what to think and at this point I dont even want to try anymore. After these last test results, my husband and I got into a argument cause we just dont know what to do anymore. Everyone has been telling me "stop trying, stop thinking about it" but it has been very difficult for me. I'm not sure what to do anymore and have some anxiety when it comes to taking tests and going to the doctors. Every time I go to the doctors or take a test I get a little bit of hope and the when I start to hope I believe that I may be pregnant. So when I get a "NOT PREGNANT"result it makes moving forward a lot harder. How do you deal with any of this?? Could I possibly be pregnant and took it too early? Any suggestions would be helpful right now.
    JustBeeeYourself responded:
    Hi there. I too have been ttc for about 6 months now. It can truly be an emotional roller coaster, I relate to you completely. I am a professional by no means, but I have done a great deal of research and can share the consistencies and what I've learned from all I've read. Hopefully it will lend you some insight and make you feel better about the situation.
    No doubt, like myself you find that you just can't stop thinking about it. I've heard of this referred to as "Baby Lust". We want something so bad, our bodies are screaming at us, and the excitement of it all makes it extremely difficult to be patient. While this is to be expected of any new Mom, it can also be harmful to our chances of getting pregnant. We start to wonder if we are doing something wrong, is there more we can do to better our chances, is there something wrong with our bodies, how long will we have to wait, etc. The list goes on and on... For me, this created a great deal of personal stress in my life. And stress is a killer. It can change the way you feel both physically and mentally, the way you live, the way you eat, and most importantly, our overall health. Our bodies respond to that. Having a baby is a huge ordeal for our bodies, and stress raises a big red flag that says, "Hey, something isn't right. Maybe right now isn't the best time to take on such a vital task." You mentioned that everyone has been telling you to stop trying and stop thinking about it." As difficult as it may be, I feel it is something both you and I could really benefit from. In all of the literature I read that suggested ways to increase fertility and the chances of getting pregnant, eliminating stress was ALWAYS on the list. Creating a safe and healthy environment in our bodies for our babies to grow is sure to enhance our chances of conceiving.
    As for whether or not you may have taken the test too early, I was just discussing this with my best friend as I also had the same concern. She has a beautiful daughter and said it took several tests for Ainsley before it showed positive. She was nearly in her third week by the time the hormone showed up on the test. Her doctor recommended taking the first pregnancy test one week after her period was supposed to start. If it tested negative and still no period, test in another 4 days. Continue testing every 4 days from here until you get into your 3rd week. Once you've hit that 3 week mark, it's time to see a doctor for a blood test. So don't get too discouraged! It can definitely take a while. Every woman is different.

    Anyhow, I hope you find any of this useful. Stay positive and try to focus on life and being happy and less on conceiving. I've heard time and time again from Mom's that it didnt happen for them until they let their guard down a little. I certainly hope it works for the both of us!

    Wish you tons of luck!
    chevychick2188 replied to JustBeeeYourself's response:
    Thank you so much for telling me all of this. Your explanation would explain a lot of what has been going on. I'm just recently slowly letting it go. After the huge fight with my husband I told him I didnt care if I didnt see my period for the next few months, I wont go to the doctor or take another test. I was doing good about not thinking about "having a baby" until I started having pain during intercourse and became extremely moody. I'm not even worried about having another baby anymore. I just want to know why I feel the way I feel. As for the pain i figured my husband and I would take a break for a few days and see what happens. If it still hurts or get worse then ill go to the doctors. I'm kind f glad that the "baby lust" is slowly going away. I remember 3 months ago feeling this strange desire to have another baby and it was like i was a addict almost. I dont know how else to describe it though. Thank you for all the advice and I wish you the best of luck in ttc too!!

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