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    TTC for over 9 months :(
    Baby_hopes11 posted:
    My DH and I have been TTC sense may of last year and I'm lost at why we havent gotten a BFP yet ;( I dont think anything is wrong with us we are relatively healthy we eat good, we're not over or under weight. I already have a 11 year old son from a previous relationship but my DH does not have any children and I so badly want to have children with him I always have questions racing thru my mind... is there something else I can be doing to help our chances??? I've pin pointed when i'm ovulated by checking my CM every month and we BD every other day to up our chances also. I just dont know what to do anymore; should we be thinking about seeing a specialist? Or should we wait longer?? Oh and my DH has taken an sperm test and he has a high count too. Can someone please give me any ideas what to do?? I'm so scaried that we arent ever going to get pregnant!
    sophia345 responded:

    I would say that if you're both healthy then it will happen eventually. I've been told it can take perfectly healthy couples up to a year to conceive. Have you been to your dr. to be examined? Maybe do that just to confirm there aren't any underlying issues, although there probably aren't. Also, doing yoga or something to relax your mind could be helpful.

    I totally understand where you're coming from...DH and I have been trying for 6 mo now to no avail. It's so frustrating and scary and each month seems to crawl by waiting to see that BFP only to be disappointed. I'm going to my dr. this month and telling him I want him to check everything to make sure things with me are okay. If not for anything it will at least help to give me peace of mind. Hang in there and good luck...hopefully it will happen for both of us soon!!!
    Baby_hopes11 replied to sophia345's response:
    thanks you. I did see my doc in October and he said if I dont conceive by Feb. then come back in... yes he did do some tests to see if anything is wrong and everything came out nevative so thats good I'm just soo tried of playing the waiting game..
    I hope it will happen soon for the both of us BD
    sophia345 replied to Baby_hopes11's response:
    The waiting game is the absolute worst. I made an appointment for Feb. 7th and I have a feeling my dr is going to tell me to come back in a few months too, since it's really only been 6 months of trying...ughhhh. Being patient and keeping your fingers crossed is so difficult! I have no patience at all so I like to think of this as a test of some sort to strengthen my patience since you need a ton of it once there is a child involved! Ahh, trying to find the good in this and stay positive Good luck to us both!

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