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Just wishful thinking?
Swahn12 posted:
My fiance and I have been ttc since July. I have used a app on my phone to try and get the ovulation days right but my periods have always been irregular. I was 4 days late in Nov and 12 days late last month. I only got sick twice from spicy chicken, and my breasts are not that tender like I would think pregnancy would make them. Anyways, this website and my app have different days displayed for my fertile days. What is the deal? I am praying my "Visitor" does not come, but I am stressing at this point. Is my body telling me to get ready for baby or is it just wishful thinking? And how do I know which app to trust? Help!
TKO120107 responded:
Lurking from TTC:JSO board.

The ovulation calendars I've seen only work if you have regular, textbook cycles. You put in the first day of your last period and then the length of your cycle, and the calendar spits out when you should ovulate. It's possible that the two you're using having slightly different calculations for when you will ovulate, which would explain why the dates are different.

From what you say, though, it sounds like your cycle is not regular. So you may want to look into actually charting your cycle. That way, you'll know when you ovulate and when to expect AF.

I hope that helps ...

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