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"Every good and perfect gift comes from above." - James 1:17
ajacks32 posted:
Hello to all! This is my first time posting, to any kind of board I might add. But I find these boards comforting and always seems to give me the answers I need. So I first want to share my story and share my experiences with those who might be going through the same thing. July of 2011, my husband and I experienced an unexpected pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage, chemical pregnancy. We were both heartbroken, words could not explain the pain we went through. However the good Lord above gave us the strength we needed to move forward. Before our miscarriage, we had both decided that having a family would be nice but if we didn't it was something we could live with, as we both love to travel and love being spontaneous! After the miscarriage we couldn't understand why this had happened to us but with prayer and strong faith, we came to the comclusion that this was the Lord's way of telling us that he had plans for us to have a family and so from then on we have been actively trying. We have been trying for 7 months now and nothing. My husband had a SA done and everything came back great. In December, my doctor realized I was not ovulated on my own so he put me on Clomid (I am now on round 3, 100mg, cycle day 5-9). Two weeks ago, I had a HSG done, very painful but worth it. My right tube filled up instantly with the dye however, he said my left seemed to have a little bit of mucus in it but with a little pressure from the dye he managed to push right through it. After the HSG we talked and he said that everything was great and that having this HSG done kinda cleans you out and gets rid of any leftovers (mucus, etc.). I am now on cycle day 17, still actively trying. My cycles are very irregular so I never really know what day I should ovulate. I was using ovulation predictors but my doctor said they were not 100 percent effective, so now we just have intercourse every 48 hours, cycle day 10 through 17 and most of the time through cycle day 25, if possible. We have taken every measure we could possibly take to make a baby, even elevating my legs for 20 minutes after intercourse. (how many of you think this honestly works?) Just recently I read that using water as a lubricant was not good, we do this every month! My question to everyone is, is water good or bad to use as a lubricant? I am notw beating myself up for not researching this. Any thoughts, suggestions, or stories are very much appreciated. Thanks ladies.
TKO120107 responded:
Welcome to the board! I'm usually at the JSO board since we just started trying for baby #2, but I read most of the other boards as well.

I'm not sure about the water as a lubricant. I have heard / read the having an HSG can make you crazy fertile, though, so hopefully that is the case for you.

I highly recommend that you check out methods for charting your cycles. It'll help you know when you're ovulating. One lady over at the JSO board is using something called the Billings Method. I have the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Loads of ladies use the web site Fertility Friend. And if none of those grab you, there are tons of other books and sites on the subject.

You'll learn all about things like basal body temperature (BBT), cervical mucus (CM), cervical position, and other signs of ovulation / fertility. That will help you time your BD (baby dancing ) really well.

Good luck and baby dust to you!

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