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OPK confusion
Jersey_mama posted:
Hi all! Me and my DH have been TTC for 6 months now. I ve been charting my bbt, but decided to try an OPK. Last month, I tested 20 times (used the whole box of clear blue easy sticks!!) and even though my BBT showed what I thought was a spike at ovulation, I never got a positive on the OPK! These are supposed to be super sensitive, so now I'm worried that I have been trying all this time and not ovulating after all! I used the OPK at all different times of the day because I know that can have an effect on the test. I decided to chalk it up to a fluke and try the OPK again this month. Still no positives! Is it possible that I don't have enough LH? Do these just not work for some people? I'm wondering if anyone else has had this happen? If I don't get any positives again this month, I'm going to schedule a check up at the doctor, but any answers in the meantime would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
lindseymk responded:
Hi! I used OPK's for a little while but could never get a clear read on it. For the last few months I've been getting blood work done at a lab for progestrone & it shows my level on ovulation. In December I ovulated great and the last 2 months I did not what so ever. Maybe you should try that. It won't tell you WHEN you ovulate but will tell you if you are. Just an idea... Good luck!!!
orin34 responded:
I tried OPK's when DH and I were trying a few years ago and I couldn't get a clear read on them either. I knew I was ovulating because I was charting my temps as well and it was a clear pattern of ovulation. What do your temps say?

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