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    Azle81 posted:
    So my husband and I have been ttc for about 7 months and this was the hardest. I was suppose to start my period on the 21 (Feb.) and that day past as well as a few more. That week went by and I was seven days late so natural I got excited even when my home tests were negative I just though maybe it was too early. So yesterday I ended up starting and I was very hurt and confused. I don't understand why I was so late. I mean I've never been that late before and I've read all the reason why it could have been but no of them were occuring with me. The worst thing is that normally I don't tell anyone at all if I may think I could be pregnant because I don't want anyone to get their hopes' up but I couldn't handle it myself this time and I told my mom. She looked soooo excited that it was even a possible that I could be (this would be her first grandchild) and now I have to tell her that I'm not. Its has been a tough week with a lot of crying and I know God will bless us but sometimes its really hard to keep the faith.
    Jersey_mama responded:
    I completely understand what you are going through. We have been trying for 6 months and each month when I have to tell my hubby that we aren't pregnant, it breaks my heart. I have had several months where my period was crazy late and I really thought I was pregnant. It's like my body is playing tricks on me because every little thing that could be a symptom makes me suspicious. I'm currently in my two week wait and dying to test. I'm on CD28 of a 31-32 day cycle. I feel like I might be pregnant, but I'm pretty sure that means I'm not. Good luck and keep us posted on what happens next month.
    Azle81 replied to Jersey_mama's response:
    Thank you for the encourging words...hope everything works out with you. ( :
    tjackson1016 responded:
    I'm so sorry to hear that. I know it's hard. AF started 5 days early last month, which never happens. AF has been a normal 28 days on and off the pill. I had a few issues here and there the first couple of months when I came off the pill, but nothing lately. And I'm on CD 30 today with no current signs of AF. My OBGYN put me on my first round of Femara last month and he was very hopeful that I would be pregnant after the first round. I'm trying not to get too excited. I logged in here this morning to see if anyone else had this happen to them and that's when I read your post. We've been TTC since last April and it's tough. But I know, God will bless us in his own time. And we have considered adodption as well. My Dr. said to test on CD 35 if no sign of AF by then. The wait is making me crazy! I feel different in some ways compared to AF as of right now, but I'm not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me. I know the common signs of pregnancy won't show up for a little not sure what to think! Let us know what happens next month!
    flowerpo responded:
    Hi Azle81,
    today the 8th of march is my very dark day,as you i was excited last week when my AF did not come as expected but today it here with a lot of cramping as if its reminding me that its here am so devasted am in the office and just waiting for that time alone in my bedroom to cry it all out. we are so desparete for a baby and am starting to fill that am letting my husband down.
    FutureOscarWinner responded:
    I know exactly how you feel because I had a very similar experience in December, my period was several days late into my birthday and I thought to myself "what a wonderful birthday gift" even though the pregnancy test kept coming up negative. I just knew it was wrong because my period comes like clock work so when it didn't show on time, I thought I must be pregnant. I was having symptons that could be interpreted as early pregnancy symptons so imagine my hurt when flow came, I was devastated. I couldn't stop crying or being depressed for about a week. I have begun to wish that I hadn't waited a year after my wedding to try especially because of my age but I can't think like that, I have to trust God. Hang in there, sis and don't lose faith or hope. It will happen for all of us in God's good time. Take care!
    Azle81 replied to FutureOscarWinner's response:
    Thanks for everyone's sharing their stories its nice to not feel alone in this tough process. I am just tyring not to stress (though its very hard) and just let God do his work. If anyone would like an uplifting bible verse 1Samuel is a good book to read. Samuel was the son of Hannah who was barren and she prayed that if God gave her a son she would give him to the Lord. She was blessed with Samuel. I know God is never early and never late so just keep believing and praying for the strength to get through the months it doesn't happen because God has a plan for us all.
    princessbabypet responded:
    Thanks for this! I know how feel! Starting our 5th month of ttc, I'm newly 26 and healthy and didn't think it would take this long! : ) Stay strong and faithful!

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