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    Still Trying!
    kmarieneil posted:
    My husband and I were married June of last year, and began ttc in August of the same year. After three months, we finally got pregnant, but unfortunately I miscarried at 6 weeks in November. We started trying again in January of this year, and it's now March and we're still waiting & hoping. My question is: I've been doing at-home ovulation tests to help detect my LH Surge, and as of today, for the past seven days they've all been positive. Is it even possible to ovulate this long? My cycle is due next Thursday, and I'm wondering what it means if I continue to get the positive result? I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. I hope someone has an answer for me!
    jhetsmom responded:
    Studies have been done to show that ovulation happens in stages. Each stage has an LH surge. Most women dont produce enough LH in the first few stages to be traced. Typically most OPK can only detect LH once it has reached a certain level. Think of your cycle like a road trip. You start out taking your time, enjoying the scenery, conserving your gas, as you get closer to your destination, you get more anxious and get going faster, using more fuel, By that last stretch you are hualing butt, pedal to the floor and the mpgs are tapped. Think of the total cycle as the trip and the LH as the fuel. Those eggs develope in spurts. You may detect the LH and then it tappers off. It does this a few times until a dominate follicle is determined in which case all the LH is directed toward that follicle to continue its developement.
    My condolences for your miscarriage. The other possibility is that some ovulation tests double as pregnancy tests and you may be detecting HCG. Please dont let this info get your hopes I would suggest calling your ob, advising them of your ttc and talk to them about the OPK results. Best of luck!

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