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Officially at the 7 month mark.
MimiMorri posted:
I have never posted on a board like this but I feel like I have no real outlet for how I have been feeling. My husband and I have been ttc for, officially, six month's. We took two month's off after we had tried for six in a row. This is the first month back and I had hoped, with all my hope, that the removal of that stress for two month's would magically make us able to have a baby.

Today, about a week before I was supposed to get my period, it came. I came so close to crying at work. I can't focus, I can't think, I feel just so overwhelmed and disappointed in myself.

I have five, very close girlfriends and three out of the five all had accidental pregnancies. It literally makes my heart break when I think about how things are just never, ever simple for me.

I am pretty certain that there is something off with me. Every time I take an ovulation test, it never says I am ovulating even though I have all the symptoms of a cycle. My doctors run tests, never tell me what they are for, and then tell me I am fine. My cycle can run anywhere between 27 and 35 days and my periods last anywhere between 4-7 days. I am just so hopeless and I am thinking that sharing my story may comfort me.

Is anyone experiencing the same thing?
An_244053 responded:
Hello. Ive been trying for 3 months now. I dont really know exactly what your going through but im already getting frustrated with seeing so many negative pregnancy tests. It makes me sad that your disappointed in yourself. Dont be, im sure you have done everything you can. Im sure it will happen sometime soon. Ive worked with a girl for a year and a half now, and ever since ive worked with her she has been trying to get pregnant. She was on all kinds of meds to try and help her conceive and also has PSOS ( Polycystic ovary syndrome). Well she stopped taking all of those meds cause she was fed up with it all and frustrated just like you. Her and her husband werent getting along, i believe due to the stress of trying so hard. They stopped having sex and they even used a condom when they did have sex... and all of a sudden, she was pregnant. I couldnt believe it. I just thought that I would share that with you, maybe it will give you some hope. Good luck!

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