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LadyDovah posted:
My ex and I had been trying to have a baby from when I was 17 to when I first turned 19. Things turned south. A bit after I met up with an old childhood friend whom I fell in love with and have been with for a year and been best friends since I was 9. We decided to get serious and try to have a baby. That was back in October 2011. I still can't get pregnant : (
Babyinme143 responded:
I think it's time you seek medical advice. Three years (or anything over 12-18 months for that matter) of unprotected sex without pregnancy likely signals a problem. While you have time on your side since you're so young, it could be something simple and easy to fix that's holding you back. Again, I would see a doctor immediately.
I also think charting your basal body temperature (check out will help you figure out whether you're actually ovulating as well as provide insight to your overall health (which can impact your fertility). You should also use ovulation kits to predict ovulation (usually Answer Brand Daily strips are the cheapest and easiest way to go- Walmart sells them at about $20 for 20 strips). These will give you a 24-48 hour heads up that ovulation is near so you will know when to have sex. Charting will confirm that ovulation has occurred. It's possible to get a positive ovulation strip and not actually ovulate (mostly common in people with PCOS or instances of delayed ovulation). Good luck! I know it's been a month or so since you posted, but I hope the information reaches you and helps if even a little.

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