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7 months and counting....
Bluemama posted:
We have been trying for 7 months.
My husband and I have a 5 year old litle girl and have been ready for another for over a year.
It has been extremely frustrating as we thought it would be so easy when we were ready to conceive again, It was so easy with our first.

It has not been easy. 7 months. I am at the beginning now of cycle number 8, and all I want for Christmas is to concieve lovingly with my man. I am 25 years old healthy, My Hub is 29 healthy also. Neither over weight. We eat well, take our vits, excersise daily. Why is this so hard? My cycles are 25 days longs, and are exact. We are doing it daily, sometimes even twice!

Today I am depressed. My period came 2 days late which never happens to me. I felt my mind playing tricks on me but I really believed this was it. I even told my mom I really thought it was happening this time! But I am full on bleeding cramps and all this morning. I cried for a good two hours, and my husband doesn't really know what's up. He is dissapointed also, but not like I am I guess. What should be my next steps? Dr. I guess? They say to try for a year right? Someone anyone have any suggestions?
sammy88 responded:
My husband and I have been trying for our first since getting married 6 months ago. We're both 25 and healthy.
Last month we started taking elevit and menevit and we're doing everything right (or so we thought...) eating healthy, no alcohol etc.

We both really felt that this was the month and this is all we're hoping for Christmas but today...period arrived. As I was in the bathroom at work I was just thinking "there's always next month" but as soon as I walked in the door aftr work I just couldn't hold back the tears. Literally balling my eyes out...

No matter how much you try and tell yourself that you wont get upset, I just can't help myself from breaking down every month when my period arrives.

Hubby is very supportive and understanding and it also upsets him too...why can people who don't even want kids fall pregnant so easily but yet it's so hard for others??
Sweetypie replied to sammy88's response:
Same here.I have 25d cycle, and I been trying form 5 months now..this month my period was I late by 2 days for the first time and I was so sure I was pregnant but got my periods it's so upsetting..
I am 29 and healthy but have history of cysts, but Doctor told me cyst doens't cause infertility, my hubby is 31 and healthy , now it's upsetting him too..
My doctor told me to get blood test done for the hormones.,.

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