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another diappontment this month... pls help.
An_250343 posted:
Hi I am 35 yrs old. Me and my husband trying for our second child for last 4 months. I just got my period again this month Feb 9, so disappointed. My ovulation varies between 24-27 days, my first days of period for last four months :
October 30, 2012
November 26, 2012 : 27 days cycle
December 22, 2012 : 26 days cycle
January 15, 2013 : 24 days cycle
February 9, 2013 : 25 day cycle

Being frustrated by this irregular cycle, in after January period I bought the "Clear Blue Digital" ovulation kit. My period was Jan 15-Jan 20, so I start testing started Jan 22 once a day everyday around 2:30PM. Got my first positive on Jan 24, so we intercourse Jan 24, Jan 25, and Jan 26.So my questions are :
1. I test jan 23 not position, then 24 hrs later jan 24 got positive. The box says ovulation may occurs 12-36 hrs later. What if LC surge was actually 23 night, and by the time I tested positive again 24, the ovulation done. Should I test every 12 hrs?

2. After the positive test how many days a women can be fertile?

3. I was thinking intercouse exactly 3 days after my period ending, is it a good idea or that would be too early for the spem be alive?

4. Could pls give me some suggestion about this month ovulation and fertile period based on the calender I provided above. Yes, I am using the webmd ovulation calender and all sort of different apps, but still confused.

Thanks in advance. I am in distress, pls provide me any kind of direction and advise. Thank again!!!
Cjhulett responded:
From all the reading I have been doing, It seems best to have intercourse BEFORE you ovulate. So in order
1. I would not test every 12 hours. I would test later in the day.
2. After Ovulation begins the egg lives for 12 to 24 hours.
3. I believe that would be too soon, Ovulation is likely to occur between day 11 and 21 of your cycle.
4. I would suggest having intercourse every other day after the 7th day until you test positive for ovulation. Sperm can live for 5 to 8 days, so having intercourse earlier would make you much more likely to Conceive.
neela2012 replied to Cjhulett's response:
Thank you so much dear!!!... Your response really ease my heart. Thank you very much for all ur advise!!!! .. Will begin another month with hope!!!!!
annierules responded:
Hi Neela, I'm so sorry for your loss! I hope that you will keep your head up and keep trying. If you need some inspiration and tips, I'm sure this will help: Good luck and best wishes!

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