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TTC going on 6mo but confused on something
Karimoon1 posted:
Can't believe we've been trying 6 months now seems like just yesterday we started! Am hoping someone who has medical expertise will see this and help, not meaning any offense to anyone, but I am in-between enrollment periods for insurance so I can't go to my ob-gyn and they don't take questions over the phone so bear with me please.
1st thing is clarification of menstrual cycle length.

This website is counting, as far as i can tell, 1st day of period to 1st day of period for length, but there are other places saying count 1st day of period to last day of next period or end of period to 1st day/last day of next period. I am so confused which one is correct?

Obviously using any of them I am not pregnant yet.

My cycles are regular time again before i started taking birth control that I am very positive of. They are coming about the same length apart and are lasting the same number of days the only exception being this Febuary. It only lasted 3 days which is not normal for me personally though I understand 3-7 is 'normal', but my body since 10years old has never produced a 3 day period EVER. 2-3 days after it stopped I got anxious and took a pregnancy test just to see if maybe it stopped itself for that reason. It was negative

Background on me: i'm 23, fairly healthy only 1 almost-fertility related issue. Endometriosis, ob-gyn said it was very light version no scarring seen and he was extremely positive I should be able to conceive normally.
I moderately exercise getting more in summer because I love warm not cold. I'm not a heavy drinker and have 2-4 cups coffee/latte products every other week. I prefer flavored waters and fruit juices over anything else. I take vitamins (multi,prenatal,zinc,B-complex,ginko bilboa) and ibuprofen for endometriosis/menstrual pain. Cough syrup, Nyquil, benadryl for seasonal allergies only as needed when sick. I eat fairly healthy, I'm not a cook so things come out of plastic packages and cans yes plus I love ramen noodles. I like wheat and whole grain breads, 2% ,vitamin D or whole milk, only recently (13mos) been having lactose free because he prefers it, and I worship fruits, vegtables & yogurt. I love cheese as well.
Love sweets especially milk chocolate but I cut back recently even over halloween. I've eaten a balance of chicken, fish, pork, beef, lamb since living with him (over these 6 months definately). I do eat fast food every now and then, and I eat fat more often than not instead of cutting it off my meat because I have high energy demands that carbs/sugars can't satisfy alone. I am within the proper weight range for my height.
I have some stress, but it's conditional not an every day all day thing and for most of the past 6mos the stress was very minimal. I calm down immediately listening to music and playing with my dog. I sleep 4-6 hours night with a nap in-between this is my norm. I can not sleep 8 hours in a night unless under sedation/sleeping pills since I feel rested with my 4-6 I do not see them as necessary.

That sound like everything that could affect fertility? I see myself as normal... guess the birthcontrol pill is to blame for such rotten luck? But then it amazes me when I hear about women who've gotten pregnant, sometimes multiple times, on different types of hormonal birth control! That's so unfair I haven't even been taking them long and consistently until we discovered the endometriosis in 2011. They were prescribed only to help control the pain & it worked.
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