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Could i be pregnant???
rrtelles posted:
okay ladies i need some advice my boyfried and i are trying to get pregnant ive been pretty regular all year 28-29 day cycle i missed my period that was supposed to come march 25 so i thiught i was pregnant naturally. well i started to get these cramps around the 26th in my lower back but i thiught they were just implatioin cramps bc i never get cramps days before i start my period so i was going to wait to take a test but couldnt i took one and it was negative, that was ok bc i thought it was to early to tell well on easter sundy i noticed a brownish pick discharge not much tho and that lasted until monday afternoon and it turned into blood so i thought i was getting my period...the flow was really light. (not like spotting) and was shorter than my usual period, only 2 days. my boobs never were tender when usually if i get my period i cant hardly lay on my stomach. i took another htp on monday even tho i was bleeding it was negative, but again it could be to early. the bleedin has stopped but the bloated feeling is still there and a tight feeling in my lower back....could i possibly be pregnant? has anyone else experienced this?

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