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spellicy1977 posted:
Good Monday Morning! It is time for a check in how is everyone and where are you at in your cycle? C: CD: DPO: Test Day: Other:
spellicy1977 responded:
C: Lucky #7 CD: 25 DPO: 10 Test Day: I think Friday the 13th Oh great hear we go just like last month Other: Well I think that this time Friday the 13th will be lucky spring is here and I am so hopeful!
xzsublime84zx responded:
C: 6 CD: 16 DPO: 4... until this am ff stole my O date.. i am up an hour earlier and my temp is the same as it was the day i originally O'd so they stole it back... ughhh Test Day: 25th Other:
cathyangel responded:
C: 11 (boo-hoo):sad: CD: 1 DPO: Test Day: not until af is wayyyyy late .. as in May!:ooh: Other: AF arrived this morning after being a week late! this was the longest cycle i've had in a year! i am even more annoyed that she showed up late than annoyed at the fact that she showed up at all! lol at least now I can schedule my hsg for next week so i can hopefully get some answers :eek:
babyplease1981 responded:
C: 8 CD: 23 DPO: 7 Test Day: maybe this saturday or sunday. AF due 3/16 or 3/17 Other: my boobs hurt so bad!!! they started hurting at 3DPO so i don't think its KU symptoms . . . also having lots of sex dreams at night! hahaha!
jemms responded:
C: 6 CD: 16 DPO: Not yet. Suppose to be Wednesday Test Day: I'm going to try to hold off until AF is late Other: I'm feeling pretty optimistic this cycle. I hope I'm right :grin:
MrsGTTCourfirst responded:
C: 9 (8 charting) CD: 2 DPO: None yet, won't O for another 14-18 days Test Day: If I O on schedule, and I don't get AF when FF says, I will test probably right before I go to Michigan next month. We leave the 9th. Other: I'm holding AF hostage for whoever needs it!! And I'm determined C9 is my C!
cmr2468 responded:
C: 5 CD: 6 DPO: no O for awhile Test Day: long time away Other: I was debating on TAB for awhile after my last very frustrating cycle, but decided against it. So now I am just waiting for O to get a little closer before I really start the BD marathon!
patslady responded:
C: 5 CD: 12 DPO: 1? Test Day: maybe 3/19 because that is the day I first meet with my RE. Maybe I could even cancel the appt!!??!! Otherwise as long after that as I can wait! Other: I had a u/s on Friday that showed that I had 3 mature follies on my right ovary and my doctor said "a lot" of mature follies on my left. I was soooooo excited! He said it was much better than he expected. I haven't felt like I have O'd yet, but my OB said I was most likely going to O over the weekend (of course my DH was out of town). But we timed BD pretty good (Thurs, Fri, Mon). Crossing my fingers this cycle!
mitimidget responded:
C: 5 CD: 9 DPO: waiting to O!! Test Day: If I O on March 17th, then I think I should test around March 31st or April 1st. But I may wait and see if AF will show up Other: Just waiting patiently to O.
jcosta73 responded:
C: 5/6 CD: 19 DPO: not sure...I might have o'd yesterday but I'll have to wait and see what my OPKs look like today before I can make a better guess Test Day: only if AF doesn't show Other:well DH will be gone when/if I get to test. If I get a BFP I'll use the idea I had to tell him back in Jan when he was gone (but didn't use since AF came) so if I'm KU I'll take a dig. hpt with me in the car saying PREGNANT and put a bib saying something about daddy on the steering wheel so he sees that when he gets in the car
tryn4baby responded:
C: 4 Month 6 CD: 10 DPO: a long way off Test Day: I have no clue yet.. Other: I am trying the EOD thing and going to try preseed that I had bought
westsidebee responded:
C: 11 CD: 1 DPO: haha Test Day: May sounds good :sillygrin: Other: Well, it's Monday and it's CD1 so the plan for the day is to overdose on caffeine and then have a drink tonight :sillygrin:
LoveMyMamasboys responded:
C:6 CD: 36, I have no idea what is going on my cycles aren't usually this long. AF was due yesterday. DPO: 16 Test Day: tested yesterday BFN, so if no AF I will test again on Friday with FMU at that point I will be 20 DPO. Other: I am getting real irritated with this cycle, I keep thinking I am going to start but then nothing happens. I just want AF to get on with it so I can go on with this next cycle.
macachodo responded:
C: 7 CD: 28 DPO: 19 Test Day: not sure if I really O'd - but I have no symptoms Other:I was so sick since Thurs & was so bummed that my Comp @ home got a Virus so untill I get it fixed I'll only be posting from work & since I was Sick I just did not do BBT"S I will start back on the next C.

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