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TRIGGS today is my EDD of our fishie
shanastash posted:
I told darrin that i want to somehow honor/celebrate this day, since we have always celebrated it in the past. it also just so happens to be our "dating anniversary". 5 years ago today, he asked me to be his girlfriend. :smile:

today, i got 2 white heart shaped balloons at the dollar store, and we are each going to write a letter to our fishie. darrin is actually looking forward to it. i wrote on a balloon on valentine's day and let it float up to the heavens, and he was kinda iritated that i didn't include him in letting it go. i wrote love mommy and daddy on it, but he wanted to let it go with me.

i was talking to darrin last night on the way to church about this whole experience. and i have to thank God that our loss happened when it did. if it would have happened just 2 weeks prior, they would have not even blinked twice about it. would have written it off as a first trimester miscarriage. they would have never ran the tests they ran. i would have never known that i have such a history of blood clots and that i have to cover so many bases to TRY to have a sucessful pregnancy. i told darrin that our fishie really is our angel baby. it has to give its life to make ours healthier. :crying:

in honor of only getting the joy of being pregnant with our fishie, i bought "cherish" in the willow tree line. if you aren't familiar with it, it is the pregnant lady. since i never will get to bring the baby home, i thought it was suitable that i only felt the joy of being pregnant with her. (wow, that was the first time i called the baby a her) :crying: i will be forever blessed to have known the joy of caring her for just 14w5d. i love her so much and thank God to have had her in my life even just for 4 months.

WHEN we have the baby that i am carrying now, i will get the mom holding a baby, but to honor fishie, i can't get another pregnancy one. i want her to always know that i love her and celebrate the days that i had her in my tummy. :chagrin:

thanks for listening.
brandib01 responded:
i think that is a wonderful idea. good luck to you and yours. we all need to remember our special angels
jamiejo78 responded:
I think that is an awesome way to celebrate your fishies life. Though she was only with you for 4 months, she is still your child.

My husband and I are taking off on July 26th this year. Our girls would have been 1 that day so we are going to go the cemetary and celebrate their birthday.

I pray that the rest of this beautiful day goes well for you and your DH. Who knows, maybe our girls are all playing together in God's beautiful garden! What joy it will be when we see them again.

Glad to hear things are going well with this pregnancy. Will continue to keep you in my prayers!
ctina517 responded:
That sounds like a beautiful way to honor your angel. DF and I do something similar also. We sent balloons up to Heaven on Mason's birthday last year and will do the same this year.

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers today. (((hugs)))
Prayforamiracle responded:
What a wonderful way to remember your loss. Thinking of you.
TeacherBeck responded:
That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate the memory and love of your LO. I am so happy for you that you have the joy of this new pregnancy; and we understand what you are saying, future joys are wonderful but loving a new LO doesn't replace the love for your angel LO. I also wanted to share with you (and everyone reading) that there is a Willow Tree figurine called Angel's Embrace; it is an angel holding a baby/small child. The child's head is resting on her shoulder and the angel's arms are wrapped around the LO. My friend (who'd had a 2nd tri loss, also) gave it to me when we lost Jackson... anyway when I see it I just see him (in my mind) being cuddled and protected, so I love it. It brings me comfort.
Thinking about you on this difficult day... :hugs:

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