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misskatelyn19 posted:
Hello I am new here. I have been reading posts here for a while and you all seem like you know what you are talking about.

Here is some background info, I am 23 and have had two early miscarriages. One last June (went in for my 10 week ultrasound, baby had died at 6 weeks) we waited until September, I got pregnant right away, I started spotting at 5 1/2 weeks and it turned into full on miscarriage at 6ish weeks. I went to my doctor and he took my blood, everything came back normal, I had an HSG done and everything was normal.

Since my last miscarriage I had weird cycles, but for the past two months they seamed to even back out, like 29-33 days. Well I am now 10 days late and still no sign of af. Also I have NO pregnancy symptoms either. What could be going on, I think my OPK was positive on the 15th of May (but I'm not 100% positive). What could be happening?
Prayforamiracle responded:
I'm so, so sorry for your losses. Hugs.

In regards to this cycle, could you maybe have ovulated later than you think? Sometimes, our bodies do really weird things. Things like stress, travel or sickness can alter our cycles. Have you experienced any of those things this cycle? I'm continually racking my brain from trying to figure out my cycles. Sending you lots of good luck and hoping good news for this cycle.
Prayforamiracle-Me(36)Dh(43)TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in miscarriage in 7/07. Dealing with MFI. Anovulatory and irregular cycles due to PCOS. Currently on Cycle 26.
misskatelyn19 replied to Prayforamiracle's response:
I haven't been stressed, traveled or was sick. I just don't know what to think, I guess I will just wait it out and hope for the best. Thanks for replying!
BethAnn88 replied to misskatelyn19's response:
Hello and welcome. I'm so very sorry to hear about your losses. (((HUGS)))

Have you tried taking a pregnancy test? I know you said you didn't have any symptoms, but if it were me, I would test just to rule it out. Stranger things have happened. I know it's so frustrating when we don't know what's going on with our bodies. But I wish you the best of luck and hope it means good things for you!
Beth Ann(29), DH(31), TTC since 1/09. Lost my angel 5/09 at 10wks. Started seeing RE 12/10 and Dx'd w/ mild endo. 1st IUI 4/11 = BFN.
misskatelyn19 replied to BethAnn88's response:
No, the last one I took was about a week ago and it was negative. I will take one first thing in the morning so I can rule that out. If its not pregnancy then its my body being dumb. Its just so weird this has never happened! I hate not knowing whats happening!

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