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2ww is making me crazy!
britt200408 posted:
Wow, this cycle has been a roller coaster of emotion. I started off excited to finally be trying again, then after a few days I was convinced I had missed when I O'd and I was just preparing myself to not be pregnant. Then yesterday I had some noticeable cramping (so of course I'm thinking...implantation??) and last night I got up to pee 3 times, and I didn't have anything to eat or drink 2hrs before bed (the only reason I remember that is b/c I didn't feel so well after the glass of milk I had right after I put DS to bed at 9). So of course now today I'm taking every little twinge or every little sign, like the frequent urinating last night, and just going nuts with it in my mind, convincing myself I must be pregnant. At the same time, I'm trying to tell myself it was probably just a random thing and trying not to get my hopes up. I'm barely into the 2ww (11 days left) and I'm already going nuts.

I'm sure everyone on here has had cycles like this, but I just needed to vent to someone who wouldn't think I'm completely crazy!
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michelle063007 responded:
I know I feel like this every no I dont think youre crazy I always convince myself that everything means something. Good luck! I hope this is your month!
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MelBrody responded:
Britt - I know what you mean the 2WW was always hard for me to! My last one I BFN's right up until 9 dpo and then I got really sick so I kinda stopped wondering until I decided to use my last cheapy test one morning lol. Good Luck!
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