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Help ladies..
vybe77 posted:
Ladies I need opinions!!
I think I may have missed my surge this month
I've been testing since CD8 w/ OPK's and I still haven't seen my positive (CD16 today)
That in itself may be nothing, in Jan. I got my positive on CD18 but what makes me worried is that on CD13 I had some slight spotting and had a terrible headache and I felt activity in the tummy..that day both am and noon OPK's were negative.. thinking that it was still far away I didn't test til 7am on CD14 where the line got way darker but still was not quite a positive
DF and I BD on that day but since then all my tests have been getting progressively lighter..yesterday and today's have no line on them whatsoever..
So I'm thinking between the noon OPK from CD13 and the 7am one from CD14 I might have seen a positive had I kept testing...that would coincide with the symptoms from CD13..
What do you ladies think?
I'm a little bummed at the thought that I may have missed my chance for this cycle..I did everything the same as in Jan. so I was hopping for the same results..
I will keep testing until at least CD20 to make sure but the more I see that no line the more it feels like I may really have missed it :`(
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teacherbeck responded:
I have had a similar thing happen the last two months and both times it turned out OK, I did not miss my surge:
With me, around CD16 or so I got a darker line, not a positive though, but MUCH darker than the other days... then the next day I thought it would be positive but it was lighter again and I worried I'd missed O... but both months I kept testing and have got a strong positive O around CD21-22, which then confirmed that I didn't miss the O after all. I dont remember doing this last time I was TTC, it seems like I got a fade in pattern, this time it seems to get darker (but not positive) then go really light (freaking me out) then finally show a positive. -=stressful!!=-

So, if you normally O later than CD13/14 and you normally see a positive for more than one test I would not worry too much yet. If your cycle is very irregualr and you can't predict O, and you have a short surge, then I guess there IS a chance you may have missed it (but I really don't think so!!).
Also, I always thought I got O pains b/c I had crampiness around CD14, but once I started using OPKs I saw I didn't surge til around CD21 so the crampiness around CD14 was something else, I guess!
(((hugs))) deep breaths, try not to stress I bet you are OK!! Keep testing!!
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prayforamiracle responded:
I wish I could be more help, but I'm not a big fan of opks. I use them sometimes and did use them my bfp cycle. I don't think they assisted me with the bfp, because I had strong signs of ovulation that cycle that alerted me enough to bd. I have such a hard time with them. You can miss seeing a surge on them, if you have a short surge or test at the wrong time. Plus, holding fluids and urine for a certain amount of time is tough. I'm hoping you didn't miss your surge. I know how frustrating that can be. I was talking about my frustration about them one time on here and someone suggested getting the smiley face ones. That way they will be no guessing. They are just so high already and then the smiley face ones are even more so. Can't anything be simple for us?
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perry147 responded:
My RE said to only use the ClearBlue Easy Digital, (the one with the smiley face). He also said to only test once a day between 11-2 and around the same time each day starting on CD10. I've tried the other ones but I ended up using more of them and because I wasn't sure about their results I ended up double checking with the digital one anyway. I did find them cheapest on ebay, less than half than in drugstores even on sale and with coupons. Now ClearBlue makes one with 20 testers and it ends up being a lot cheaper then just the 7 testers. They did help me get pregnant 3 times in 8 months and twice in 6 months. I know they are more expensive but I figured if I'm paying extra for an RE and the other expenses that go along with it the sooner I can get pregnant the better.
Hope this helps..
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michelle063007 responded:
I have to agree with Pray...I'm not a huge fan either. I never got a positive the first time I got pregnant (and obviously I must have o'd). So i usually dont use them--but I will say that every once in a while I'll buy a pack and use them just to feel like I'm being proactive in this TTC war. What has worked best for me it seems--put cycle dates into a few different ovulation calculators online (web md, etc.) get a range of dates (b/c for some reason they all give different dates) and I also put in if my cycle is 28 days and then if my cycle is 40 days b/c they have been enywhere between there. I usually get a range of dates from 7-14 days and we b/d every other night within that date range. Hope it helps!
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