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Can someone tell me when ovulation spotting happens?
Anon_10614 posted:
There is so much info (and a lot of it conflicting) about ovulation spotting. When does it actually happen, before, during or after actual ovulation?[br>Why I am asking: I am waiting on my period (due this upcoming week) but I am not a regular girl, some months I have a longer than 30 day cycle, some months a shorter than 30 day cycle and some months I get an exact 30 day cycle.[br>During my dangerous time I felt some ovulation cramps followed by some spotting the next evening. The spotting was on toilet paper only and pinkish and lasted a few hours only. Didn't get any more afterwards. Was this spotting a sign that I had already ovulated or that it was happening then or that it was soon coming?[br>The spotting occurred quite early on in my cycle (day 10) and I know that my luteal phase is 10-11 days so it would mean that if that was actually ovulation then my cycle would be coming up on day 20 or 21 and I have never in my whole life of having my cycle started prior to day 25,at the very least.[br>So help, anyone?
vybe77 responded:
Hi there

I can't really say when the O spotting occurs because it is not the same for every woman and of course it can differ from month to month for the same woman..I have seen O spotting only a few times in my life and I've never been able to tell if it meant I had already ovulated or if it meant I was about to..'tis also true that if you look up for this subject on the internet some sites say it happens prior, some say during and some say it happens after you have O..
the best way to know is to follow your cycles (charting, CM checks, temping and using opk's) but even then there is never a 100% way of knowing..the surest way is to temp and use OPK's because the OPK's will show you when the O is about to happen (within 1-2 days prior) and on O day there is a temp rise which shows you you have O..
GL with your TTC and if you want KUP
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Basteach3 replied to vybe77's response:
I have kind of a strange question that I am going to throw out there. After you o do most women take at easy for a few days or do yhou just go about your daily routine? After teh mc I am worried that if I don't take it easy it will happen again (maybe it didn't implant all the way and that is why i had the mc.). I know it sounds studpid but I am just unsure of what to do. I do go to my new obgyn next week and I will be asking her some quesitons but I thought I would throw this out there as I will hopefully be o'ing this week. Thanks you guys for answering my strange questions.
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vybe77 replied to Basteach3's response:
Hi B

There are no strange questions here so no worries..if I understand correctly you're asking about what to do after O meaning not to stress out too much and not doing too much strenuous stuff right? As far as I know it is safe to go about your daily routine as long as there is no horseback riding or stuff like that..but so many women were pregnant and did some pretty scary stuff and the pregnancy was fine anyhow..I say not to stress yourself out too much about all of this..when I was actively trying every month I tried to make everything perfect and time everything just right and I tried to be extra careful until I would get AF and then I would allow myself I just feel that I am way less stressed out because I don't feel I am in a race every month...BD with my partner has become just that again..good old fun and I think I can feel him being more relaxed too..before it was like I was the sergeant for a those few days where it was important to BD and so it became less sexy..he even complained about it a few times saying that it was no fun to perform under pressure..
I know that while trying it is virtually impossible not to stress out about it all..I am just so happy that I don't have to worry about that any longer..
but back to your original question I wouldn't worry too much about things until you confirm a pregnancy..anyhow the m/c happened because it happened and there is nothing that you did that made it happen and there is nothing that you could of done to stop it form happening so do not worry about things like that..just have fun with your SO and relax and maybe things will happen easier..
Hope this helped
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