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czack128 posted:
Hello all, I am new to this community, so please excuse me if I don't know all the abbrev. My husband and I are TTC after a loss in May.
It was an ectopic. I was wondering if any one has any tips for us?
mrsG_729 responded:
Give your body time to heal after the ectopic. Check with your doctor to make sure that you are physically ready. Also, be sure you are emotionally ready. For me, I needed to wait over a year before I was to a point where I was ready to TTC. I didn't want to replace the child I lost, I want to have another child. Just be sure you are ready, emotionally and physically.
czack128 replied to mrsG_729's response:
Dr said that i needed to have 2 periods before I could try again.
I feel that I am emotionally ready, I also feel that we don't really have much time to wait. I am 33 and DH is 40.
britt200408 responded:
Just wanted to welcome you and say I'm very sorry for your loss. I haven't had to deal with an ectopic, so I'm not sure if recovery is any different. I would just say give yourself time and be patient with yourself...that is way easier said than done, I know! It will be difficult to wait the 2 cycles, but if your doctor thinks that is best then I'm sure you can do it.

I felt emotionally ready to start trying again right away, but then I changed my mind for a few months, and now I'm back again. So it's ok to just kind of go with it and be honest with yourself about what you want and what you need right then.

It's not always a fun journey, but we're all here to listen to both the good and bad. Don't hesitate to ask questions or just vent if that's what you need.
Brittanie(24), DH Josh(25), DS Jacob(3). BFP 10-01-11, m/c 11-11-11
prayforamiracle responded:
I wanted to welcome you to the board, but so sorry for your loss. You have found an amazing place for help and support. I could not make it without this board and all the amazing ladies now and ones that have moved on.
Prayforamiracle-Me(37)Dh(44)TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in miscarriage in 7/07. Dealing with MFI. Anovulatory and irregular cycles due to PCOS. 1st IUI 1/12=BFN, 2nd IUI 2/12=BFN
Basteach3 replied to prayforamiracle's response:
Welcome to the board. I had a mc but not ectopic. I don't know all the emotions u r having but we have all felt a loss. This is a great group of women who are wonderful. So welcome.
B(33),DH(37),TTC for baby no.1 since 2/2012.BFP on 06/13/2012,M/C on 06/20/2012
czack128 replied to Basteach3's response:
Thank you
czack128 replied to prayforamiracle's response:
Thank you.I didn't think that getting pregnant was going to be this hard.
czack128 replied to britt200408's response:
Thank you. The ectopic was diagnosed in May so I am now 3 cycles post MC, so we are cleared to start TTC again. This will be month one of trying. AF came on aug 7th, so I am going to try the ovulation kits again because that worked before.
perry147 responded:
Sorry for your loss but this is a great place to be if you've suffered a loss. I think each Dr is different. It might be different with an ectopic one. My RE said we could try again as soon as AF showed, also because of my age, I was 38 when we started TTC#1. Ovulation tests worked well for me too. Just make sure your taking a prenatal vitamin. Welcome and Good Luck.
Me 43 DH 41 DS 9/10/10 2m/c @ 8wks 4/09 and 11 wks d/c 9/09 diagnosed w/ 2 mutations of MTHFR. TTC 2 m/c3 9/11. Moved up to clomid 100 m/c4 2/2012. Moved on to injections.
michelle063007 responded:
Welcome...sorry you have to be here but glad you found us. Its a great place to vent and have your feelings understood by people who have been there. I agree that I never thought getting pregnant would be this hard--especially when there are people out there with 6, 7 8 etc. children and dont even have to try. Welcome and good luck!
Me (29), DH (35), TTC since 7/10, BFP 6/5/11, m/c 6/25/11, BFP 8/27/11, m/c 9/8/11, BFP 2/7/12, m/c 3/30/12

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