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czack128 posted:
You ladies have been so helpful to me and I have just become a member of this board this month. I have a question and I am hoping that you wonderful ladies can help and also calm me down, cause I am stressing beyond belief.

So DH and I have not been sleeping and when I say not sleeping I mean we go to bed say around 10:30 or 11pm sometimes a little later if he has a hockey game that night but we both get up around 3ish every night. He sometimes goes back to sleep but is up in an hour or so and tosses and turns. I on the other hand will fall back to sleep only to wake up every hour until I finally get tired of tossing I just get up and stay up. Then of course at 8am I am DEAD tired

My sleeplessness I believe started in May after my MC and I got laid off. DH has been like this for as long as I can remember. Well he went to the doctor and Dr gave him a prescription for Ambien. He went and got the prescription filled and the pharmacist tells him to be careful because it is highly addictive and people on this are known to sleepwalk or sleepdrive!!! Um what??? ok I am not taking that. The other side effects of the drug are not so pleasant either.
So my husband put something on facebook about taking Ambien and all of our friends said NO DON'T USE IT! Ok but they did recommend melatonin. Ok fine we go to the store get them and we both take one. I wouldn't say that it worked! I was still up at 3:30am.

So the next day I was doing research on melatonin (I know I should have looked it up before taking it) and it says can change a women's cycle and also changes O. In males hinders sperm mobility and also decreases sperm count. So of course I was like we are not taking anymore of those!!!!!!

So after this long story (sorry) here is my question. Can one pill mess up my cycle? Did I just mess everything up and how can I sleep?
C(33)DH(40) TTC 1, BFP 4/16/2012 MC/ECTOPIC 5/8/2012
ani05 responded:
Of course I am not a doctor but I don't think one pill would mess up your cycle.
(possible triggs)
When I was pregnant with my daughter I took few advils b/c I had really bad headaches and I didn't know I was pregnant yet(unplanned pregnancy).So of course when I got the BFP I was freaking out and I told my doctor right away,he told me that as long as I didn't overdo it,like take 8 advils in 24 hrs I didn't have anything to worry about.The reason why I mentioned all of the above is that you only took one pill,it's not like you took them for a long period of time.You should be fine,try not to worry about it.It's just more stress that you have to deal with and you are already having problems sleeping.
Sometimes when I have too much on my mind I can't sleep either and what usually works for me is doing work around the house.I get so tired cleaning that when I put my head on the pillow I fall asleep right away.I have heard that excercising helps too.Also,try to drink some chamomile tea little bit before you go to bed,it has relaxing benefits.Where I am from doctors recommend chamomile tea to babies when they are sick and fussy,it helps them fall asleep.Hopefully that helps.
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prayforamiracle responded:
I could of definitely wrote your post. My DH and myself do not sleep good either. We are up a lot of times at night, tossing and turning, etc. It sucks. You are probably fine, I would seriously doubt one would effect either of you. I tend to just suffer through it, because one thing you will probably learn about me and all the girls know about me here is I hate taking meds. I don't like to even take Advil or Tylenol. So, taking Metformin and Clomid was torture for me. LOL. On a side note and you may already know this, but you are not supposed to take Advil while ttc. I think it is okay to take during af(and I have to take it for the horrible cramps), but the rest of the time you should take Tylenol. I prefer Advil, but they say it can delay or cause ovulation problems. My RE also told me not to take it.

So back to the not sleeping, my DH has tried so many things. I definitely would not recommend Ambien, it caused my DH to feel very aggressive. It was the craziest thing. I did not know about the Melatonin, so thank you so much for telling that. My DH has issues with sperm mobility and that is very important that we know about the Melatonin.

Don't worry about taking one, I imagine it would be if you take it on a regular basis. I wish I some miracle tip to help us sleep better.
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perry147 responded:
Our Dr. gave my husband Rozerem when we were ttc1 and he had no negative side effects, he did cut the pill in half because a whole pill was too strong. Hope this helps.
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czack128 replied to prayforamiracle's response:
Thank you I did not know that about advil and that is what I usually take when I have headaches
C(33)DH(40) TTC 1, BFP 4/16/2012 MC/ECTOPIC 5/8/2012

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