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Tired of hearing me
czack128 posted:
Sorry ladies I know you are probably tired of hearing my questions but I am really confused about the OPK.
The instruction included with the test say that once you get a positive you can stop testing, but I am crazy so I have tested everyday since getting the positive. Maybe it was curiousity making me test but today is day 4 after getting my intial postive. It came up positive today!!! Is that even possible? It has come up positive on every test since tuesday! So confused please help!!!!?????!!!!!
C(33)DH(40) TTC 1, BFP 4/16/2012 MC/ECTOPIC 5/8/2012
ani05 responded:
OPKs have always been confusing for me and I have had the same problem before that's why I don't test anymore but I have a lot of ovulation signs and that helps me.
What I would do is keep BD-ing just in case that you got your true positive today.Hopefully you have been BD-ing since you got that other positive so you have it covered either way.Good Luck!
Ani(30),DH(31),DD(6).TTC for baby no.2 since 05/2009.BFP on 03/02/2011,M/C on 03/11/2011.BFP on 04/12/2012,M/C on 05/02/2012.
prayforamiracle responded:
I think some ladies have a longer surge than others, but four days of positive seems a little long to me. Don't get me wrong though, it could be possible. I also know that with ladies with PCOS, can't always rely on OPKS because we sometimes get false positives with them. Are you for sure they are positive? The test line has to be the same or darker than the control line. Two lines doesn't always mean a positive. Sorry if you already knew that stuff.
Prayforamiracle-Me(37)Dh(44)TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in miscarriage in 7/07. Dealing with MFI. Anovulatory and irregular cycles due to PCOS. 1st IUI 1/12=BFN, 2nd IUI 2/12=BFN
perry147 responded:
My 2 cents....the OPK can be very aggravating. My RE said to only use the ClearBlue Easy digital one because that's the only one that's accurate. I did try the cheap ones with the CB one and I got mixed answers with the cheap ones. I also tested passed my positive "just to see" and when I still got a positive 3 days passed my first one with the cheap ones I retested with the digital one and that came back negative so I stopped torturing myself and just used the digital one. I know they are more expensive but it's a lot less aggravating. Ebay has them cheapest. HTH
Me 43 DH 41 DS 9/10/10 2m/c @ 8wks 4/09 and 11 wks d/c 9/09 diagnosed w/ 2 mutations of MTHFR. TTC 2 m/c3 9/11. Moved up to clomid 100 m/c4 2/2012. Moved on to injections.
ani05 responded:
I just thought about this but you can purchase the cheap OPKs ( has great prices) and use them till you get a positive.Once you get the positive with the cheap once you could double check with a clearblue digital.This way it doesn't get too expensive b/c you are only using 1 maybe 2 clearblue tests for cycle.
Ani(30),DH(31),DD(6).TTC for baby no.2 since 05/2009.BFP on 03/02/2011,M/C on 03/11/2011.BFP on 04/12/2012,M/C on 05/02/2012.
hgreenwood7058 replied to ani05's response:
I agree with Ani. I used the cheapie ones and on the last two cycles I also temped tp confirm ovulation. I would usually get a positive for two days and then O and then it would start getting lighter. Starts with slightly lighter then gradually goes away. Sometimes your body will also gear up to O and then not which can effect the OPKs as well. Also in my case after I did O. On 8dpo I used an OPK just because I needed something to pee on lol. I had gotten heartburn and thats very unusual for me and the only other time i had it like that was when I was preggo the 1st time but m/c a few weeks later. I got almost positive on 8dpo and then positive opks there on after. I tested with first response on CD 11 and got my bfp. I tried the IC hpts and they sucked for me. I never really got a true positive on those even when I had a blaring positive on the first response and hcg was over 300. Anyways with the rambling I hink Ani has a good idea to continue to use the IC (internet cheapies) tests and then follow up with a clear blue because its a lot cheaper that way or consider temping because then you will know when your surge is and the temping will confirm if you have indeed O'd. You can document the stuff on fertility friend. Thats what I did.
Heather(24),DH Lee(25)PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. BFP 08/13/11. EDD 4/17/12. PAL Baby Carson Lee born 3/31/12
czack128 replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
Thank you ladies for all your advice!! I use first response O tests and preggers tests so I am not sure if they are considered the cheapies.
C(33)DH(40) TTC 1, BFP 4/16/2012 MC/ECTOPIC 5/8/2012

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