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    Monday Updates-October 8
    prayforamiracle posted:
    Monday again! Uuhhh! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

    My update: Waiting to ovulate-Cycle Day # 23.
    Prayforamiracle-Me(37)Dh(44)TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in miscarriage in 7/07. Dealing with MFI. Anovulatory and irregular cycles due to PCOS. 1st IUI 1/12=BFN, 2nd IUI 2/12=BFN
    babyj1017 responded:
    Happy Monday! One of the perks of working for a bank: federal holidays! So, happy Columbus Day everyone.

    Pray - good luck!

    My update: not much to report. Looking forward to my follow up appointment from our loss in late September. Ive had two consecutive losses so I'm interested to see what game plan my OB has in store for me and what testing we will undergo to determine if we have any issues or just bad luck. When I talked with him on the phone after the loss, he mentioned the testing would take about three months to complete. I'm just happy to be moving forward again.

    On a side note, I'm getting a new car today. Waiting for the dealership to call and tell me it's ready. Yay!
    Jenny (31), DH (34), DD (7/2006), DS (6/2008), m/c (6/2012), m/c (9/2012)
    michelle063007 responded:
    Hi all
    Not fair...this is the only federal holiday we do not get off where I work. I could really use it too

    Pray: Sending you lots of O vibes. Hope it happens for you soon!

    Jenny: Glad to hear that your doctor is willing to do testing after 2 m/c's. Really wish mine had been. She just told me I was young and healthy and had nothing to worry about. Had to have a third before they tested and found out there really was a problem. I hope you get answers. Not knowing is the worst feeling. Best wishes!

    My update: CD #33. Tested on Sat. BFN. I thought it would be but still made me sad. I figure AF will take her sweet time this month with the failed letrozole cycle and the fact that I probably did not ovulate. Just waiting to be able to try again. Found out that my cousin is pregnant with her second...we started trying for a first about the same time so thats been pretty hard to deal with

    Hope everyone has a great week!
    Me (29), DH (35), TTC since 7/10, BFP 6/5/11, m/c 6/25/11, BFP 8/27/11, m/c 9/8/11, BFP 2/7/12, m/c 3/30/12
    perry147 responded:
    Pray- Sending you tons of O vibes. GL this cycle!

    Jenny- Hope you get some answers that has a quick and easy fix. I think its harder when the Drs tell us it's unexplained.

    Michelle- Maybe AF won't show but if she does I hope she comes quickly for you.

    My update- CD#67 Still waiting to m/c. I have a RE appt on Wednesday with another u/s. So I will know by then if I will be getting a d/c. The funny thing is I still am having pregnancy symptoms. I'm having more heartburn, headaches and insomnia just like when I was pregnant with my son. Just weird!

    Have a great week ladies!!!!
    Me 43 DH 42 DS 9/10/10 2m/c @ 8wks 4/09 and 11 wks d/c 9/09 diagnosed w/ 2 mutations of MTHFR. TTC 2 m/c3 9/11. m/c4 2/2012. Moved on to injections. BFP 8/27/12 Waiting to m/c, blighted ovum.
    MelBrody responded:

    Pray - Fingers crossed you will get some good O signs & symptoms this month! I know sometimes its so hard to time it just right and gets fustrating! I hope you are doing well!

    Babyj - I hope the testing gives you some answers.

    Michelle - I am sorry about the BFN. I know dealing with others getting pregnant is so hard. You want to be happy for them but deep down it just makes you sad. I hope you feel better soon.

    Perry - I had a blighted ovum with my first pregnancy. I must have had 10 sonograms to be sure nothing was in the sac. It kept getting bigger and my numbers even went up a little but nothing every developed and I ended up with a D&C. I hope you are able to get through this quickly so you can start again.
    Me(28) Hubby(27) M/C due to Blighted ovum October 11.
    BFP! April 2012!

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