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TRIGGS... about loss anniversary
shanastash posted:
it's been 3 years today, since i found out i would not be able to take my baby home. tomorrow will be the day i delivered. i have been okay for the last few days but today i woke up crying and everytime i look at my daughter, i just well up. having her helps, but it doesn't replace the baby i won't ever be able to hold.
i feel (and i can ONLY ONLY ONLY ever tell you ladies this) that i am not the mom i should be to my daughter because a part of me was lost that day as well. i have prayed so hard to "get over it" and it has definately gotten easier, but on days like today...i feel like she should have better. i love her soooo much, but i can't help but look in her eyes and see the baby i lost. i look at her nose and see how "fishie"'s nose was turned up like hers. i can't help but hold her and cry and wonder what fishie would be like at the age she is now.
i know that without the loss, i would have never been able to have her. that fishie was not her, and she is not fishie's replacement.
i have definately grieved but today has been so hard.
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ani05 responded:
Sorry Shana that you have had some rough days.Some are harder than others.
I feel like as time passes we do get better but we never forget especially during loss aniversary and due date,that's when it gets very hard emotionally.Right now I am thinking that my baby from my first loss would have been 11 months old. Hopefully you feel a little bit better.
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teacherbeck responded:
(((hugs))) Shana. I am sorry; anniversaries can be so hard.
I sometimes feel guilty for being sad about ^jackson^ when I have my sweet girl, other times I feel guilty when I DON'T feel sad, b/c I feel like I should be more sad at times, if that makes any sense. Emotions can be so tricky, be kind to yourself however you feel. (((hugs)))
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prayforamiracle responded:
I'm sorry I'm so late on this. I hope you are feeling much better now. Sending lots of hugs.
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