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Tests, Tests and More Tests, Plus Temp Charting
babyj1017 posted:
I had my consultation appointment for the Recurrent Loss Panel my OB has offered to perform for me.

I am going next Tuesday for the blood draws for the various blood tests he ordered. He also wants me to chart my basal body temp for a while. I've never charted my temp before, and was a little intimidated when he gave me the chart to use... looked complicated. But I think I've got the hang of it now. I started this past Saturday, mid-cycle, bu my OB told me to just go for it.

He also have me a list of all the blood tests he ordered. I spent some time Friday evening googling the tests and symptoms of the disorders to the tests will look for.

Of course that led me to self-diagnose myself, lol. But, truly when I think about it, the only issue I believe I could have is with my thyroid. I have a lot of the symptoms of hypothyroidism and it also runs in my family. It's also one of the few things that could spontaneously happen through out life, unlike gene mutations. I have two healthy kids from my first two pregnancies. So, unless my genes spontaneously mutated (that only happens in the movies, right??!!), I can't image I got lucky twice.

Stranger things have happened, so I guess we'll just wait and see. I go back in Decemeber for a consultation once all the test results are in.
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ani05 responded:
When I had my blood tests for my miscarriages I told my obgyn that I had been tested for thyroid problems before and it was in the normal range. My obgyn ordered the test anyways b/c she said that it could happen even if it doesn't run in the family and since it had been 3 yrs since my last thyroid test she said that I could have developed thyroid problems after.I wasn't convinced but I went ahead and had the test done and what do you know,it came back normal again.
I really hope that you'll get an answer,I wasn't lucky,I still don't know why it happened twice even after all the tests.
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vybe77 responded:
Hey Jenny, first I wanted to say how sorry I am for your losses.. I know all too well where you're coming from as I've just been through my third consecutive loss in 15 months..I've also just started the blood work so we can begin to look for a reason why and I am also afraid that they won't find a reason except to say that it was probably just bad luck (3 times in a row??)
So far they've checked for Thyroid (no results yet) and my HCG is going down (49 this Wednesday) and you know it's the dropping HCG which has actually made me the saddest about this loss..
I feel the same as you do when you said that unless your genes spontaneously mutated...I feel that way abut my eggs.. unless there is a thyroid issue (which runs in my family too) then maybe something went wrong with my eggs..
I just can't seem to understand how I could have three healthy pregnancies ('99..'02 & '08) and then go thorugh all the problems we've been through since then...
I go back this next Wednesday to find out the results of the past blood work and also so she can give me the next set of paperwork for the next set of tests to be done..
The only thing I'm certain of at this point is that I do want to try again..after going back and forth with the decision to have the tubal done my decision is made..and the tiny reason why? While in the waiting room to get my last blood work and u/s done this past Wednesday there was a couple with their tiny little 3 day old BB..he just melted my heart <3
So onwards I go holding on to my courage with both hands..
I hope we both get to the end of this journey with the bext possible news..
Good luck xo
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