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2 MC's in a row, no children & an older husband
SAkitty2011 posted:
Hi, my hubby is 22 yrs older than I am and he has a son already from his ex. We just got married last year and since Feb 2012 I have had 2 MC's (1 spontaneous and 1 blighted ovum with suction evacuation at 11wks). I am confused as I do not know which of us is the problem and we cannot see a Fertility specialist just yet as we are moving to a different country Mid Jan 2013. We started trying properly last month and the 2 week wait killed me. What was worse is that my period came on 2 days late - disappointed to say the least. I feel like this TTC stress is not helping our relationship, we both want kids together so bad and we both feel a tremendous loss with the MC's. I feel so sad and confused. Its hard to not give up hope in the midst of all of the changes coming our way (career change, moving continent again). I need some help to pull me out of this hole I am sinking into! Any words of advice would be welcome. I know I am not the only one to suffer MC's and I wish you all strength in dealing with it too. Thanks!
ani05 responded:
Sorry for your losses! We all understand how you feel but don't give up. I always feel so depressed when period starts,I just want to stay in bed but then I remind myself that with the new cycle I have new opportunity to get pregnant so that helps me out a little bit.
I don't know if your doctor has ordered tests for recurrent miscarreges b/c you might get some answers. I had a bunch of tests done after my second loss.
Good Luck and hopefully you get a positive soon followed by 9 happy and healthy months.
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l8dsheena responded:
I'm so sounds like you're under so much stress!

Everyone deals with a MC differently, so I can't really say any one thing that will be particularly helpful. For me personally, my impatience has gotten the better of me more than a few times. I just have to trust that it will happen...and when it does, it will be worth the months of anguish and heartache.
*hugs* you're not alone in your feelings, feel better soon!
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