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Doc appointment tomorrow..
l8dsheena posted:
My husband has an appointment with his urologist tomorrow, and we get the results back from his blood work and second semen analysis. As a small favor, for those of you who would, please say a small prayer for good news? Hubby says " I have a good feeling about it", but I can only hope.
I'm too anxious about it...maybe a glass of wine will calm my nerves
Mother of 3 sons and one angel baby. Praying for another miracle!
babyj1017 responded:
Saying a prayer on crossing my fingers for good news.

Let us know what you find out.
Jenny (31), DH (34), DD (7/2006), DS (6/2008), m/c (6/2012), m/c (9/2012)
perry147 responded:
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you get great news!!!!! KUP when you find out.
Me 43 DH 42 DS 9/10/10 2m/c @ 8wks 4/09 and 11 wks D/C 9/09 diagnosed w/ 2 mutations of MTHFR. TTC 2 m/c3 9/11, m/c4 2/12, m/c5 D/C2 10/12/12. Still hoping and trying.
l8dsheena replied to perry147's response:
He missed his appointment because if traffic, lol. His doc is giving him a call tomorrow, so....
patience is not my strong suit -_-
Mother of 3 sons and one angel baby. Praying for another miracle!
babyj1017 replied to l8dsheena's response:
Any news?
Jenny (31), DH (34), DD (7/2006), DS (6/2008), m/c (6/2012), m/c (9/2012)
l8dsheena replied to babyj1017's response:
good timing, I just finished reading his email

so good news and bad news...mostly good

With his first test around the end of October, sperm count was 5mil per ml, with 72% of them being abnormal.

this time around his count had 36! Blood tests show testosterone a bit on the low side, but not too bad. 75% of the sperm were abnormal, which is a little bit worse than before. His doc is going to confer with another, so he might have to go to the Big City for more tests.

Since we got the bad news back in early november, he has been excersizing a whole lot more, and has been taking the max dose of l-carnitine, as well as maca and l-arginine with his regular vitamins.

Hubby figured out that we now have a 20% of concieving instead of 5% (he thinks in graphs, percentages, and mathmatical formulas as a side effect from what he does at work, heehee). So, maybe....maybe I'll raise my hopes a little more.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, I know they helped. I will keep on praying...for all of us.
Mother of 3 sons and one angel baby. Praying for another miracle!

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