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Friday update
vybe77 posted:
Well a whole week has gone by and with all the activity going on here this week NO ONE started a Monday update so I guess I'll do this one then..
Ok, so my week went ok..daycare was fine and I have a day off today so 3 day weekend!!

Went shopping last night and did an extra big grocery ++ household cleaning products and sneaked in my kiddos Easter gifts...can't wait for the egg hunt this year!
I've been feeling down lately about family issues (not with Chris but my mother) and I just feel so un-enlightened about what I should do about this..she just doesn't treat her three daughters the same and she also doesn't see it..she thinks she's fair to all three and it's frankly causing troubles over it and the worse thing about it is that she can't be talked to about it or be made to see differently according to her...
Anyhow, I feel tears coming so I truly don't wish to do that again today so onwards we go...
Perry & Pray- I hope all is well with you this week xo
To all my other ladies who were here this week I hope you all have a great weekend..

Let life be a journey of love
Emily, Kody, Maxim xo
vybe77 responded:
Oh I forgot to add that I did indeed start AF last weekend, on St-Patty's day no less..CD6 today, whole new cycle!!
Let life be a journey of love
Emily, Kody, Maxim xo
ani05 replied to vybe77's response:
I am happy that the daycare is going well and I am sorry about the family worries.I totally understand,I always have family problems with DH's family.For some reason they don't love my daughter as much as they do their daughter's children.Sometimes I think is b/c I am of different nationality,who knows.
Oh and Good Luck this cycle! I am praying that you'll get a BFP soon.
Ani(31),DH(31),DD(6),Furbaby(3).TTC for baby no.2 since 05/2009.BFP on 03/02/2011,M/C on 03/11/2011.BFP on 04/12/2012,M/C on 05/02/2012.
babyj1017 responded:
TGIF. That's for sure. Unfortunately I have to work most of the day tomorrow at a business expo. Boo. But, I'm debating between going shopping for this kids' Easter stuff this Sunday or taking the kiddos to see The Croods at the theatre, my son has been talking about it for weeks. It's supposed to snow as well, so we may just stay home and clean (oh, what fun!).

I hear you on the family drama. I have two sisters,too. One I would just like to smack around a little. She's recently divorced and acting like a 21 year old again (she's almost 34). Sometimes I just want to shake her lol!
Jenny (32), DH (35), DD (7/2006), DS (6/2008), m/c (6/2012), m/c (9/2012)
babyj1017 replied to babyj1017's response:
Oops... Also meant to add I'm on CD #10, took my first OPK today, was negative, of course. Based off of my body clues, I think I typically ovulate around CD13-14. I have a very regular 27 day cycle. Crossing my fingers for a Christmas baby.
Jenny (32), DH (35), DD (7/2006), DS (6/2008), m/c (6/2012), m/c (9/2012)

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