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Second Loss
michelleloehr2 posted:
Quick background: We had a m/c January 2010. We got pregnant with our DD in February of that year. We experienced early spotting with her, OB at the time said it was nothing to worry about. At the 20 week scan they found that the placenta was partially covering the cervix, OB thought that is what caused the spotting. It moved up by week 26 went on to have any easy third tri and L&D. Last week we had a second m/c.

I'm with a different dr than I was with my first two pregnancy (well this dr delivered DD but he didn't start seeing me till 36 weeks - cross country move due to job loss). My Dr was talking to me after confirming we had loss this baby and we were discussing the previous loss and I mentioned the spotting with DD. Dr thinks that maybe I have a short luteal phase and my body may not be producing enough progesterone to sustain the pregnancy. He said that the spotting with DD may have actually been us almost losing the pregnancy but by the grace of God she hung in there (she very stubborn ).

Dr wants me to track my cycles very carefully for the next few months and then will discuss what we are seeing. He said if he suspensions are right then we can try to give me progesterone and hopefully when we get pregnant again it will help stop a loss.

Anyone out there have any experience with this? Even just taking progesterone. I have a lot of questions that I didn't really think of last week. Is it a shot? How often do you have to take it? Any side effects? If you got pregnant on it, how long did you have to take it? I'll ask my dr all these questions when I see him next, I just wanted to get a feel of what the treatment is like.
ani05 responded:
Hey Michelle,so sorry for your losses.In my third pregnancy and second loss we discovered that I had low progesterone levels and at the time I was 4 weeks so the Dr prescribed progesterone suppositories twice a day. The only side effect that I experienced was that it made me really sleepy.
My progesterone leves were good when I miscarried, so progesterone wasn't the reason why it happened.
Hopefully you'll get a BFP soon and a sticky baby!
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