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Feeling super blessed today
michelleloehr2 posted:
To be honest today has been a horrid day. I mean lots of little things went wrong and started adding up to the point that I was crying at Arby's because my two year old would not stop yelling mommy and the cashier couldn't figure out how to ring up my coupon (literally in tears at Arby's won't go back to that one for a while ). Anyway the WHOLE drive home all I could think about was getting home an venting online about how this was the worst mothers day ever. Then I walked into my kitchen and saw abby's handprint flower she made in nursery today and it just floored me. The feeling of that mother's day 4 years ago when we had been trying for so long and still no baby and about all the great ladies I know that would do ANYTHING to have a bad mother's day. And suddenly I just felt incredibly blessed and if God only ever gives me just this one little one to love. I'm going to love her with everything I have. For those of you that have a child already, hope you had a great Mother's day. For those of you that are still waiting, I pray that you too get the joy of this blessing some day (hopefully sooner rather than later )
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l8dsheena responded:
I'm sorry you had a bad day...but counting your blessings and having's so hard to do, but necessary if we want to survive all we go through as mothers of living children and heavenly children.
Hoping your days are much better
Myself (Katie, 29) and DH(31) Praying and trying for a 4th child for 3.5 years. 1 missed m/c @ 17 weeks, D/C 3 weeks later on 5/11/12.
As Aragorn says, there's always hope.
vybe77 replied to l8dsheena's response:
(((hugs))) sorry you had to go through this and on Mother's day to boot but at least you ended up finding your silver lining in all of it...we sometimes tend to forget what we already have right in front of us...and you're so right in saying that is God only sends you that one little angel to care for at least you will have been lucky enough to have that one angel sent to you...
Let life be a journey of love
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