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Feeling really down
michelleloehr2 posted:
I'm having a really down day. It just feels like everyone's pregnant but me. I know logically that isn't true but it's just been one of those rough days. One of our friends is due about 2 days after we should have been due. We got a call last week from a friend in Houston that they are due in March. My best friend (who I knew she was pregnant for a couple weeks. Her husband was in panic mode to my husband when they found out I think she was trying to spare my feelings by not telling me). But today she announced it via Facebook. Then while I was scrolling through another friend posted she's due in Feb.

And I realize four people isn't tons, it's just hitting me kinda hard this morning. I'm really happy for each of them but seeing all of it just brings all hurt right back the surface.

Thanks for listening I know you ladies are able to understand all these conflicting emotions.
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ani05 responded:
I am so sorry that it hasn't been a good day for you. We all have those days,sometimes not only I feel upset about everyone getting pregnant right away but also b/c it feels like time is flying by and I don't have a lot of it left to keep trying for another baby.
It helps me a lot when I think about all my blessings especially the people I love and love me.
Hope you feel better soon!
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l8dsheena responded:
I haven't been on much because I'm afraid my increasingly negative and pessamistic attitude would be harmful to this forum. But I wanted to say something to you michelle, we've all been there, and it hurts so much. It especially hurts when friends think they're helping you by hiding their pregnancy. I wish they'd understand that hearing it from a mutual airheaded friend who happened to blurt it out makes it ten times worse.
um, ok, that's not really helping I'm sure...but I'm thinking of you, and I'm sorry...I know it really sucks
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brandib01 responded:
know exactly how you feel when i had my second m/c it was the same time my sister and count it 3 of my sister in-lws all found out the were pg so they were all excited that i was with them and then BAM that sucks.then they dropped off the planet i had to find out from others when their baby showers were and everything else.
i think its worse to feel like an outcast then to just deal with your emotions as they come and i know they were trying to spare my feelings which i love hem for but i am a big girl and make the decision whether it is too much too soon.(which it was) haha.
like you said 4 is not alot but when it is in direct contact to you it seems like evryone. just know your time will come regardless of how it happens and you will make some child the luckiest little nugget on the planet.

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