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Get our Smiley's Back!
TeacherBeck posted:
I have noticed that you can get some of the smiley's to work... they don't when viewing the whole board, but when you click on the discussion the :) and :( WILL work. Someone asked me how I was doing this, so i thought I'd post the tip: it's just like you would do a smiley/frowny in an e-mail or txt: use the colon and the parenthesis key (no space in between) The one on the 9 makes a sad and the one on the 0 makes a smiley. Can't figure out how to get the "mad"... if anyone does please share!
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LindzRenee responded:
Test...this may look like a bunch of crud - but I wanted to try. I love those little emoticons...they make me happy.

:( :) ;) :{
TeacherBeck replied to LindzRenee's response:
Ooo!!! Hey when I clicked on your discussion it was a winking one! Yay!! Now I'll go back to the board view to see which keys you used! I love the emoticons, too!!
LindzRenee replied to LindzRenee's response:
LindzRenee replied to LindzRenee's response:
use the semi colon and this one )

LindzRenee replied to LindzRenee's response:
k that didn't work. ARGH!!!! Wishin' I could figure our the sunglasses one...:(
Allison33438 replied to LindzRenee's response:
Hmm... let's see if any of these work..

Allison33438 replied to Allison33438's response:
OMG, IT WORKED! Okay... I'm a dork and used to use the long-hand way of putting in the emoticons instead of clicking on the faces.

here's what I remember,
type in (without spaces) --

: cool : for :cool:
: angry : for :angry:
: sad : for :sad:
: frown : for :frown:
: crying : for :crying:
: sheepish : for :sheepish:
: sillygrin: for :sillygrin:
: grin : for :grin:

That's what I remember so far... Hmm...
LindzRenee replied to Allison33438's response:
:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: OMG I'm so happy you knew all of these!!! :sillygrin: I'm totally freaking out. :sheepish: ok, no I'm just going overboard... :cool: But I can't help it... :sheepish:
TeacherBeck replied to Allison33438's response:
Allison you are my HERO!!!!!! Way to go!!! This is so great... I felt so NAKED telling my BD plans w/o using the :sheepish: You are the BEST :)

LindzRenee- I LOL when I read your post... but totoally understand your enthusiasm. Emoticons are BACK :cool:
Allison33438 replied to TeacherBeck's response:
LMAO ladies!!

I think there are a few others - let's try...

:x: : x :
:eyeroll: : eyeroll :
:pbpt: : pbpt :
:mad: : mad : (I think there was an angrier one than the one I listed earlier?)
:coolfrown: : coolfrown :

I don't know if any of those will work.. .for the first time EVER, I wish there was a "preview" function so I could test. LOL
TeacherBeck replied to Allison33438's response:
Yay! Love the eyeroll guy! We always need him when someone says/does something IGNORANT
Like: Hey, Web MD, what a great idea to revamp something that was FINE to begin with :eyeroll: (sarcasm implied by the eyeroll, folks!)

it seems like there is another one we're missing... but for the most part we have them. Yay! :sillygrin:
LindzRenee responded:
Ahhhh...this is going to be a good day! :cool:
FloralMom replied to LindzRenee's response:
You guys just totally made my day!!! :sillygrin:
tianga responded:

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