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2WW....and going nuts! Anyone else?
Stenya posted:
I am new to this I appologize if there is a smiliar discussion on the go.

I am in the middle of my 2WW and im going nuts! Does it not seem like we are always just waiting for the days to pass so we can either, test for something (OPK/Pregnancy test) or waiting for AF to finish so we can start all over!

Its as if our patience is being tested so when our time comes we have learned to be patient!

Is anyone else in their 2WW right now? Maybe we can help keep eachother occupied so the days go by a bit faster/easier!
MrsHoro responded:
Starting my 2WW today. I think your right. This is my first month using an OPK and have felt lest stressed over counting my days to O. Now what do I do to keep from stressing over anything that might be a PG symptom? This is my first child so I don't know what my body might do.

Good luck and baby dust.
MrsHoro (I'm newer too)
roselee54321 replied to MrsHoro's response:
I am in my 2ww . OPK said 11cd to 17cd . I slept all day cd 13 and i felt pincheese in my side on cd14. Its cd 20 now and iam singing little songs to an egg I hope if i am thinking positive it will help. This is only my 2nd try with Clomid and the first try didnt really work because i took the prometrium and clomid on the wrong schedual.

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