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Nervous but excited at the same time on the results
Rockygirl28 posted:
My husband and I have been trying for about 2 years and haven't had very much luck. This will be our FIRST child to have. I just brought his sample to the lab this morning and depending on what the results are as to where we go from here. The results can take up to two days. If the results are not good for him then the doctor will start him on Clomid and hopefully that will give us the boost we need. Wish us luck! Having a baby means so much to us!
Anon_23714 responded:
i had a friend it took her 5yrs to get preggo n she was young so i think when ever is the right time it will happen. i been trying for 6 months and nothing i think i was preggo couple months ago, but the doc told me tat probably had a misscarriage. i was 15 days late on my period n had all the symptoms ;( so it will happen when God wants it to happen...but good luck...

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