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2 neg pregnancy test
jeper posted:
hope someone here could help me coz i dont know what to do anymore.. i had my last period on july 17, im on a 32-34 cycle.. ive never missed a period, but just this month of aug.. i took a pt last aug 22 and it came out negative. still not having my period and i can feel my belly is getting bigger than usual, maybe because of the blood? i really dont know. so to make sure, i went to the obgyn yesterday aug 30, i had pt which came out negative too.. when the dr came i showed her my list of period for the past 8 months which range into 32-34 day cycle every month. to my surprised, she told me im not ovulating! and that she will give me a meds so my period will start right away and will start me into clomid so i can ovulate.. i was like are you serious? she didnt even look at me or look at under there to make sure.. i asked her, what if i start those meds and later on i will find out that im really pregnant and its too late coz i already have a miscarriage? i even suggested to have a blood test to make sure. and i even asked if they can give me ultrasound and she said that ultrasound isnt as good as what we think coz we wont see anything there. she just asked me to go have my blood test drawn and im going back on her office was frustrating! i was crying since i left her office, i feel helpless, coz i dont think she really wants to help me. my sis had ultrasound abroad when she was 6 weeks pregnant and its already shown there.. how come they cant do that? im on day 45 of my cycle now and still no period.. is it really possible for them to say you are not ovulating just using negative pts as basis? ive read online that sometimes if they are very pregnant it still comes out negative both pt and bloodtest.. pls help me..

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