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IUI related
An_239493 posted:

I am 32yr old and trying to concieve from 2yrs but no luck yet.My GYN is suggeting me to go for an IUI.I want to how painful is the process...people say it is not more than a PAPtest which i have done in the month of July2011....I am worried if i can bear the pain of going through the they any other less painful method which i could use.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks & Good luck to everyone who is TTC.
amyb9123 responded:
HI! I am 32yo also, and trying for 2 yrs! I have done 2 IUI's, and am currently in a 2ww until I get my pregnancy test! I personally have no discomfort from the IUI.... I feel a needle-like prick at the top of my uterus when they insert the tube that holds the sperm, and that's it! I did feel a bit bloated, but that doesn't have any pain to it! Good luck in whatever you decide!!! And IUI is way less invasive than IVF!
Mangos17 responded:
I have had 4 IUI's and didn't feel much of anything. If your partner has a high sperm count like my husband you might feel a cramp. I would say it doesn't hurt but you feel pressure. And I'm sure this is nothing compared to child birth. " )
jersey2009 replied to amyb9123's response:
many thanks for sharing your experience!
jersey2009 replied to Mangos17's response:
many thanks for sharing your experience!

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