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could it be a BFP???
tinkluvsben posted:
So, I have been lurking on these boards for years literally... 4 1/2 years ago when hubby and I started TTC. I haven't posted in forever so to get u up to date DH & I are both 28. We've been married for 5 years and together for 9. I was diagnosed with PCOS in June 2010 and put on Metformin. Still no positives. A friend of ours had been TTC for 5 years and decided to take Fertility Blend... well she got a BFP after 1 month of taking them. So hubby and I decided we would try them, both the women's and men's formulas... attack with a double whammy lol. Anyway here's the info on my cycle. I started AF on Aug 17 and it ended on Aug 20. I started Fertility Blend on Aug 19 b/c i knew AF would end the next day. DH and I did the BD on Aug 27,28,31,&1. I got a negative OPK @ 5am on Aug 20 and then got a positive OPK on the Clear Blue Digital ones on Aug. 31 at 4:30pm. I am now I believe 4 DPO. My breast are tender to touch and i have some mild cramping...nothing painful just slight discomfort. Both the cramping and the tender breasts started yesterday. I usually get sore boobs a few days before my period but never this soon and I get severe cramps with AF. I know it is probably way too soon for me to feel this way but this is very different then any other cycle i've had. Maybe its wishful thinking but I am seriously hoping that with all my prayers and the use of Fertility Blend that this may be the month where i can finally say I got a BFP after trying for 4 1/2 years. Baby dust to all... look forward to hearing from you!!!
SMaxlow responded:
Your story is very touching, I am feeling the same symtoms of you and I am not suppose to start my period until next week Thursday and I have been feeling that way for 3 days now. I am wishing you the best of luck!
tinkluvsben replied to SMaxlow's response:
Wow I was surprised when i came to the boards and I had a reply lol. Thank u! I'm at 9DPO now and still waiting. Cramping stopped on 6dpo but then picked up again around 12am today. I figured AF was coming super early b/c those cramps felt that way. Still no AF and no BFP. I tested today b/c I was to weak not too... i was a victim to the urge to POAS. Of course being only 9DPO it was a BFN. I think with all the cramping it is either AF is coming soon or implantation is taking place. If it was implantation then I won't get a positive for most likely a few days. I am going to test again on Monday so we'll see. Fingers crossed Thank you for the good wishes. Good Luck to you as well! Baby Dust
Mrs_twombly replied to tinkluvsben's response:
I am 9 dpo too! Actually my first ovulation date was the 15 then my temps have been increasing every day FF changed my o date to the 20th. I don't agree lol I'm crampy and gassy. I couldn't wait and got a bfn today. But I know it's too soon! Good luck!!
Mrs_twombly replied to Mrs_twombly's response:
Here is my chart, could I be pregnant?
ATT76 replied to Mrs_twombly's response:
I was just curious what is Fertility Blend?
CortneyMarie responded:
Hey to all the ladies in this discussion have you got an answer yet I'm curious cuz I am still in that waiting game and experiencing cramping and lower back pain like mad, also gas and a little bit of tender breasts???? How did you make out good luck hope all is well!!!
caylalynn replied to CortneyMarie's response:
know no one has replied on here for a month but i thought i would ask if any one had a BFP because i am have cramping back pain tender breast and exhaustion 7dpo. i need advice on what i should do i took a test but got a BFN im pretty sure it is way to soon to test.

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