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Been gone for a while...
jon3brn posted:
Hello Ladies, I have been gone awhile due to wanting to strengthen my mental health with concerns of "not" becoming pregnant month after month. It was heart breaking, month after month, after month getting AF or seeing a BFN on the tests. If we are unable to conceive naturally, medical assisted pregnancy will be the next step. Whether we succeed or fail, it will be an emotional rollercoaster. So we needed to get prepared. So even though I have not been on the board circuit for some time, I have been perfecting I guess my style for cycle tracking. I am now on Cycle 5 of Which I take my bbt btw 6-630 AM everyday, enter in my temp, time and additional symptoms and by day 27 of my cycle, I have a cycle pattern. Based upon this cycle, I have been able to determine whether or not I have ovulated. Come the next cycle, DH and I can then focus our BD'ing around the previous cycles information.

This type of charting is not having any negative effects on my mental health. I am utilizing this time to fact find and information gather. Hopefully during the month of Jan. no later than Feb. I will have enough information about my cycle to provide to our RE and be able to move forward rather quickly. Thus far, I am in my 5th cycle, I have determined that my irregular periods are becoming regular after gaining the recommended 5-8pds by my obgyn. She said my bmi was too low to be able to suppport a regular cycle. After doing so, my cycles are now 27 days. Also, I appear to be ovulating on day 14-15. With that said, I now have regular cycles and ovulating regularly. So I now have moved passed the speculation of not ovulating and ruled out any ovulatory dysfunction.

Now my attention is drawn upon the amount of days following ovulation until my next cycle start date. A regular luteal phase (post-ovulation) can be from 10-14 days. Anything less is considered a luteal phase defect. My luteal phase is teetering btw 12-13 days. Which is still in the normal range. But, within those 10-14 days your bbt (basal body temp) has to have at least 10 high temperatures. Which cycle 1 was inconclusive (missed a day or two), cycle 2 fine, cycle 3: 8 high temps, cycle 4: 7 high temps. Highest and lowest temps: C1 97.9/96.7, C2 97.8/96.7, C3 98.1/96.6, C4 97.8/96.6. Cycle 5 is shaping up to be the lowest temps to date, thus far my highest temp is 97.55 and the lowest is 97.4.

Some sites state the pre-ovulatory (follicular phase) temps should range from 96.5 to 97.4, post-ovulatory (luteal phase) temps should range from 97.5 to 98.?. But with the added bonus every woman is different. I have also begun my introduction to charting CM (cervical mucous) CP (cervical position) and cervical firmess. These 3 areas are presenting with some challenges. But like the rest, I will become an informational guru. Hopefully, with all the knowledge, I will be able to go right into our RE offices, state what I think is the issue, have him test for those issues and proceed to a treatment plan.

At this time, I think our best rate for success would be for both my DH and I to take 3 cycles of clomid at 50mg in combination with ultrasound monitoring and IUI. The clomid will help increase my CM, increase my luteal phase and produce more follicles. For him clomid will help produce more quality sperm with better motility. So with the IUI procedure, there "should" be more good than better uping our chances for success. At least that is what I am hoping. This will also familarize us with the IUI procedure in case Clomid does not work and we have to move on with injectables.

Its a lot of information to process. But if you made it this far, what I writing about has kept you intrested. If you have any questions or you didnt understand something that I spoke about. Please feel free to respond to my post.

Have a wonderful Columbus Day!!!!
mochabanana responded:
Wow...that is a lot of information, and I can certainly see why you took some time away to get mentally strong again. Me and my DH have tried for 4 cycles with opk's and haven't yielded any results, so now this 5th cycle I've stepped up my game. I'm doing a lot of what you are. Temping (around 5:30 am), tracking cervical position and mucus. I am also continuing with the opk's, however I have switched from the 7 day pack to the 20 day pack so I can track the whole month, since last month I think I geared up to ovulate, didn't and then geared up again (however I'm not sure if I was successful or not, which is why I've started temping).

I will say this first month of hitting it hard with all this stuff is a bit overwhelming and intense. But I know it will all be worth it to be pregnant again.

Good luck with your journey, and keep posting. Reading post like yours about your dedication to getting pregnant helps motivate me to keep going too.
jon3brn replied to mochabanana's response:
It was a lot of information and I really appreciate you taking the time to read it all. It took me a while to write it. I wanted to make sure I was thorough so if anyone had a specific question I could get back to them as soon as possible. It is hard a first to temp, especially if you do not get up everyday at the same time. I temp between the times of 6-630. That is when our alarm goes off, my husband gets up first; I temp then fall back asleep and then get up at 7 and then chart as I get ready for work. I used OPK's during the 3 cycles I used Clomid because we were actively trying.

Since I have started gathering information I feel its unnecessary and really a waster of money to get them because I am not going to get pregnant on my own. But once we start the fertility drugs I will be getting a ton of them to make sure I am testing every day. If you try you can get combo packs with OPKs and Pregnancy tests, they are just strips. But its the most bang for your buck.

But keep doing what you are doing, research and ask questions when you go to the doctor and refer to forums like this where you can talk to other woman going through the same time. I keep track of my ovulation on if you aren't on a site, definitely try this one. Its Free and easy to navigate.

Keep me posted as well and good luck!!
mochabanana replied to jon3brn's response:
You are right about temping being a little difficult at first. My schedule has been shifted a bit lately and I've had to go into work earlier two days a week. But I've found that it doesn't disturb me too much to just roll over, take my temp and then fall back to sleep on morning when I can sleep longer. I actually think it bothers my husband and dog more than me.

As far as the ovulation testing goes, I will say that I love that site you gave me. It is definitely a good deal. I've kept up with the testing because I know I can get pregnant on my own (I did earlier this year), and I still have hope that I can again (however I'm still doing all the tracking just in case it doesn't happen naturally and we need help).

I am using the tracker at I just started this month, and it's alright, but I'm not overly impressed, and to get all the functions you have to pay. However the great thing about it is that I have the IPad app and so even if I don't have internet (during travel or something) then I can still log and then when it connects to the internet again the info is uploaded to the website and I can view it there as well, and the online version has a few things that the app does not. But I may look into if the site you recommended has an app as well. It's hard to know what the best sites are when you first start out so it's great to have recommendations.

jon3brn replied to mochabanana's response:
Well I am glad to hear that you were able to become pregnant on your own and at the same time; so sorry for the loss. It is also smart of you to get all the information you can, just in case you need to move on to another step. There will be no wasted time. I did notice on fertilityfriend you had to pay, I did not like that. And just browsing around it looked hard to navigate. The one I am on is free, really easy to grasp and it keeps track just as the others. Not sure if they have an app, but its worth looking into because you have the IPad.

If you have any questions or need another recommendation, I have been through alot of sites and tried a few things out.

Have a good weekend!
mochabanana replied to jon3brn's response:
So I officially got confused and frustrated this weekend with the temp tracking. Well really the tracking website confused me. It kept telling me I had ovulated on day 8 based on my BBT, although I haven't had a positive OPK, nor the change in CM.

So I have gone ahead and started on ovagraph. I've put in all my data so it's up to date. I will say that I like the display of the charts. They are very easy to read and interpret, which I was having issues with.

I do have a question (I hope I'm not being a bother). On Saturday I woke up late (3 hours), but still took my temp before getting out of bed. It was higher than any other temp I've had. I read that the later in the day the more likely it is to be higher and that you might have to adjust the temp depending on the time. However I have also read that it is not important to do so. Do you adjust for the difference in time on days that you may sleep later? And if so do you use a particular equation? Or is it easier to just record it and then make a note. I'm not sure if it matters either way, but it does make my graph look funny.

Thanks for your help!
jon3brn replied to mochabanana's response:
I am sorry to hear that. I have been there, I would wake up and run out the door and forget that I needed to temp. the first couple of months are really test trials, trying to get yourself into a rhythm. Just give yourself some time to just adjusted. I am glad that you are much happier with Ovagraph. Now it will not tell you when you ovulated or anything high tech like that, as far as I know. But you can chart with ease, put in symptoms, leave yourself notes, and chat with others doing the same thing you are doing.

No, no you are not a bother. It a good thing to have someone who knows what you are going through opposed to talking to someone who have never had to go through this. Its just another form of emotional support and going through this the more the merrier. You can ask me anything you want free and clear.

When it comes to temping late or early, I am not real sure. The equation most site will tell you for every hour late or early its .3 down if late and up if early. Doing that is becomes very hard to determine. So what I did early in temping, I made note of the temp and added a side note at what time. Which ovagraph allows for the time change or it to be displayed on your full chart and then make a note. It does, but once you get into a flow, you will soon notice a pattern and with that pattern you can better determine the best time to BD and if needed produce to your doctor so you can get his or her opinion.

I hope I helped. On ovagraph I am bdavis16. You can send me email anytime you have a question.

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