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jaf84 posted:
Ok, My husband and I have been trying for about 3 months now. I went off birth control after being on it for almost 10 years. My period for two months was on time but a little lighter, then my period last month was very weird. But was negative on being preggo.
I went to the doctor last week for stomach cramping. It started at my belly button and was to the left on down to my pelvic area. The doctor thinks that it is my body getting used to being off birth control and thought that it might be implantation cramping since we were 10 days since ovulation.
The lower abdominal cramping has almost gone away although my abs feel like I have done 100 crunches..........and I haven't! it hurts on both sides of my belly button like they are being stretched. I have been very tired this week as well. I have also been gassy, but that isn't abnormal for me although is there is pressure in my abs when I pass gas.
I go back Monday for a follow up and possibly an ultra sound and another pregnancy test if my period doesn't come before then.
Has anyone had similar cramping? Could it be implantation or something else?
lyno5 responded:
I am in the same boat as you... been off my birth control (nuva ring) for 6 month and ttc for 3.
I had the same cramping and gassiness that your talked about almost to a T. I thought I had to be pregnant but my period did come, even though it only lasted one day with the next day being spotting. But people were still telling me I could be pregnant. Took a test and it was negative. I never went to the doctor or anything. I'm wondering how your follow up went and what they said??
Our bodies can do some weird things, huh?
caylalynn replied to lyno5's response:
am 7 days after my ovulations and feel crampy (which is very abnormal for me), and extremely tired. how are both of you doing is either one of you preg? or did a dr say it was something different?
lyno5 replied to caylalynn's response:
Unfortunately I am not. Still no period for me. I did go in to my doc and since I've never missed a period before and been off birthcontrol for 6 months she thinks its very odd that this has happened. So today I had an ultrasound to see what's going on in there. Gotta wait for the results. I'm nervous, I hope nothing is wrong.

Good luck to you... hopefully you'll get a BFP!!
CMM1023 replied to lyno5's response:
Do you think it could just be your body getting back to normal since you were on birth control for so long?
lyno5 replied to CMM1023's response:
Honestly I have no idea. It's been 6 months since I've been off so usually I think the first 2-3 months could be messed up but mine were pretty regular until this 6 month. Really frusterating.
Hopefully there's an explantation and hopefully its something as simple as that.
I'm on day 51 today...and nothing. Boo.

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