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Not pregnant yet :/
An_241817 posted:
My husband and I have been having unprotected sex for almost a year now. It has been on and off since he is in the military and we have spent alot of time apart. In total I would say we have been able to "try" 5 months out of this past year. I put try in " " because we have sex on average 2-3 times a week when he is around so its not all the time. He is currently deployed. All of his friends are finding out that their wives/fiancees/girlfriends are pregnant, after only the first time. I am starting to get discouraged and feel that something is wrong with me. We are both younger, 22 and 23. I feel that it maybe too early to get tested but I am just beating myself up thinking that I am doing something wrong. I feel like I am not being a good wife to my husband. He says that its ok and it will happen when the time is right. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what you did? Thank you in advance.
CMM1023 responded:
I feel just like you do. Im also 23 too... At first i thought there was something wrong with me seriously everyone around me was getting pregnant but i wasnt and i started to feel like i was getting punished ...i know it sounds silly but thats how i felt. Now for the past 7 months my hubby has told me not to worry about it, it wasnt our month blah blah.. so finally this past month when my AF came i decided that it was time to get checked out even though i felt like i was too young also but something needed to be done... so i went to my OB she told me i looked good... he got his semen tested and it was fine so i started calculating and follow my ovulation which is good to do cuz it tells you exactly when your ovulating! I also read on fairhavenhealth about fertilaid and decided to buy some, so ive been on that now for a week so hopefully it works.. but i read a lot of wonderful reviews about it.

So my advice to you is to stay positive and if you haven't already done so go to your obgyn and get a check up done to make sure everything is fine.. also have your hubby test his semen to make sure his mobility is good. Also look into fertilaid and read the reviews on it! I know it must be hard with him depolyed but just stay positive for the both of you.. my brother in law is in the military also and i know my sister calculated her ovulation to make sure she would get pregnant before he went back overseas and it worked!

*Sending Baby Dust your way*

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