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HENNEN15 posted:
We have been trying for the last 5 years. I started acupuncture about 6month ago. I found out that my body temp is to low so I am takes herbal meds for that to help raise it. When I started the acupuncture I started keep track of my temp, this month I had a spike on day 14 and it has stayed up. I don't know anyone that has kept track of their temp to ttc so I am wondering what it will do when you are pregnent. Any guess thanks
jon3brn responded:
I track my bbt. Do you mean a spike (higher) or a drop in temperature (below the coverline) to indicate you have ovulated? I usually have a dip in temp around Cycle Day 14 or 15, once I have ovualted I will get a rise in temp above the cover line. If you temperature stays elevated or rises, stays that way up until or past your expected period due date then your chances of pregnancy have increased. Usually around Cycle Day 26 or 27 my temp will dip below the coverline indicating to me that my period will start soon.

I hope this makes sense, if you have any questions feel free to ask. You can also keep track of your bbt on , which is what I use and once your cycle is completed you should begin to see a pattern. My temps are low as well, around 97.5-97.9 pre-ovulation and 97.2-97.8 post-ovulation.
HENNEN15 replied to jon3brn's response:
Thank you it does make sense what you are saying. My temp pre-ovulation is about 96.3 and post is 97.2-97.7 and I was excited when it got up to 97.7. I just wish I knew what was going on with me body so I would know if I could have a baby or not. There is not suppose to be any medical reason that we can't have a baby so hopefully soon it will happen for us.
jon3brn replied to HENNEN15's response:
In my first post pre-ovulation that should be 96.5-96.9 (sorry).

I know how you feel, one cycle my morning temp was 98.1. that was the highest its even been since I began tempting. i thought for sure, this is it, we had done it FINALLY. sadly the next morning my temp dropped way low, down to 97.2 and she came later that afternoon. bbt is not a reliable source, but an adequate one. you can see patterns and hopefully predict ovulation and when your next cycle begins. which the past month, has been pretty accurate.

i start on the 27th day late in the afternoon. but with the birth control its messing with my temps and they are up and down. I hope it happens for you and then you can move on to the pregnancy forums and you can be a success story and hope for the other women.

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