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could I be pregnant??
An_242929 posted:

About 7 days after my last period my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. He did not finish inside, however, he wiped away the sperm with a towel and we went at it again. He always pulls out on time, so he thinks. We did the exact same thing the next day wich would be 8 days after my last period................I was wondering if it is possible to even get pregnant since I dont think I was ovulating yet???. As well as would the left over sperm from his the first ejaculation somehow get me pregnant??? And how many days after my period would I be ovulating??

TKO120107 responded:
How long is your cycle? If you have a textbook 28 day cycle, you'd ovulate around day 14.

If you have a shorter cycle, it is possible that you could get pregnant from having sex on day 8. In a 21 day cycle, you'd ovulate around day 10 so the sperm might still be around. They usually live 2 to 3 days but can live as long as 5 inside a woman's body.

Pulling out isn't a very reliable form of birth control. There is sperm in pre-ejaculate so it is possible to get pregnant even if he pulls out "on time".
klo16 replied to TKO120107's response:

Well to be honest with you, I have never kept track of my cycle.
I was on birth control for about 4 years and I have been off it now for a little over a year.
All I know is that My last period was January 12th and it is now Febuary 12th and still no period. I don't really even feel any cramps. Usually I do, thats how I know I am going to start, But once in a while during the day I will get little pains in my boobs. Im guessing that could be another sign, just never had sore boobs before.
Its not a bad thing if I am pregnant. Im just curious if it is possible. Never followed how ovulation works or kept track of my cycle.
blueeyebaby replied to klo16's response:
I would suggest getting a home pregnancy test and taking it with first morning urine. That way you will know for sure. If it comes back negative and your period doesn't start in the next week test again. With out knowing your cycles, it is hard to tell if you are actually late or not. Pains in the boobs is a sign of pregnancy but sometimes hormones play a trick on us when AF is comming. Just relax and take a test to be sure. If it turns out negative and you want more info to keep track of your cycle and get pregnant this is the place to be. The ladies here are all very knowledgeable. Best of luck and keep us posted!!
Mary(31), DH(31)

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