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Conceiving with Endo
SasiSue28 posted:
I am 28 and have Endometriosis. I have been off the pill since October and my husband and I are trying to conceive. I know with the Endo there is a chance that wont happy but any tips or advice? Thanks
jenkoelenko responded:
Possible TMI warning.....
I have endo as well and been TTC for over 5 years now. (I have an extreme case, so don't get disheartened by the timeframe) My #1 suggestion is Prenatal Vitamins!!! I personally think that they help suggest to your body, "Hey, I'm preparing for a baby here, help me out". Chart and keep track of when your periods are, when you baby-dance (BD), when you think you may be having ovulation pains. Find positions that work for you and don't hurt you as much (can be hard with endo, hopefully you don't have too much endo pain) because, let's be honest, the less pain you're in, the more likely you are to BD more often. Unless your hubby has super-sperm, BD every other day when you can (especially before and during ovulation), that way you keep his body producing swimmers at a good rate, and make sure that the swimmer's quality doesn't get depleated. Another more homeopathic-ish thing that I've heard of, that I think helped us get pregnant (long story), orange juice!!! Helps sperm count. If you started TTC in October, I'd say give it until April... If you haven't gotten pregnant by then, talk with you ObGyn about your options... At that point they may put you on fertility drugs. Don't lose hope! That is the most important of all of this!!! Keep a good attitude (easier said than done at time, I know...) and keep your chin up. Let me know if I can help you any more, or if you need a listening ear

Wishing you baby dust and pain-free moments!

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