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unsucessful round 1 :-(
adu123 posted:
After trying for months....started clomid round 1 ...i was hoping that this magic pill will work for me but...luks like not this time...although everthing was going gud ,..i ovulated on time CD 14 ,my temp.were very high for the first time but for the last two days its down down down.....and hopes r also down down...and all the AF symptoms are showing and its really upsetting....very frustrating..
blueeyebaby responded:
So sorry to hear. The good news is you O'd, so the chance to get preggers was there. What have the dr said? Have they checked your tubes to make sure if you O that the egg gets through the tube? There is a chance that clomid is what you needed. I did 6 rounds of clomid back in 2007-2008. I don't O on my own and 50mg didn't help so we did 100mg. the first two rounds worked but ended in m/c. The next round AF showed up. The 5th round I got a BFP and a beautiful baby boy. So I guess my suggestion is don't loose hope. I guess if your dr hasn't checked your tubes, done an u/s to see how your follicles are doing (sometimes you can get a LH surge but no egg released because they weren't big enough), or even a semen test on your significant other, you may want to look in to them. Again don't loose hope and you have found the right place to talk things out and/or vent. Also the clomid board is very good for more clomid related questions and such.

Good luck and ***Baby Dust*** to you!!
Mary(31), DH(31)

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