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Wishing for baby number 2!!
Stack50 posted:
I'm four days late for my period the day before i expected my period i had spotting when i wipped (mucus with a red tinged) then again the next day (light pink) and the day after that (Light brown)but it got lighter as it progressed. my breast are also sore and have a tingle feeling to them i have taken three pregnancy test all came back negitive Could I still be pregnant? I've been off birth controll for five months now and my periods are never late I never skip months either .Please help me understand whats going on. Any advice would be helpfull!
mrs62610 responded:
You should call your dr and see if they will do a blood pregnancy test. Good luck and let me know what they say!
blueeyebaby responded:
I would also suggest talking to your dr about a blood pregnancy test. Either your numbers are still too low for a home preg test, you are stressed and it is affecting your cycle, or maybe a early m/c. Praying for baby dust and sticky vibes!! Stay calm and talk to your dr.
Mary(31), DH(31)
Stack50 responded:
Thanks ladies! I called my doc to see about a blood test they want me to wait another week (March 9th) to see what happens. If i start my period or not. If i am pregnant they want to see me of course if my period still doent arrive they will give me something to bring it on. Hopefully this is our month! I'm trying to not get excited due to disapointment but if this isnt the month hopefully the next! I've never lost a baby so I'm not sure what the signs are for that. I hope thats not the case
Thank you so much for your advice!

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