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How soon can you get pregnant after you sop BC?
mendezwife posted:
I was wondering how soon can you get pregnant after stopping the pill? I have been through alot in the past year, loosing twins last Feb and having a D&C. Just went off the pill around 2/3 wks ago & due anytime now for my period.I will be 34 this summer & just wondering if my age has anything to do with it. I have 2 older boys but I had them in my 20's with no problems. I had a miscarriage about 5 years ago, got pregnant in Oct '10 & delivered twins at 23 wks. Lost them both, had a D&C & was told I could still get pregnant.
Just nervous & scared. Is it true your really fertile after stopping bc? Or is that a wives tale? I feel "old" with all my body's been through. I am very healthy so I hope it can happen one more time for us!

Thanks ladies
mrs62610 responded:
It all depends on whether or not you are ovulating. Some women when they stop B/C they start ovulating the first month, others have to have medical intervention. I went off b/c 1 year ago and I had to take Clomid to restart ovulation. If you are ovulating then yes you can get pregnant. (Assuming there are no other issues) Hope that helps!
mendezwife replied to mrs62610's response:
Thanks it does. I have been through this alot but never after loosing a child ( in my case 2!) And having a d&c. So I was unsure what my body would or would not do!
Ill be 34 this year, so I think time is a lil against me! We are trying, if it happens then great, if not, well I know we tried.
I have 2 angels in heaven looking out for me!

mendezwife replied to mendezwife's response:
My last period was Feb 4th. I went off the pill shortly after that. Can you skip a month or just be really late? I took a test about 2 wks ago and it was neg. We are trying again, but I thought I'd get a lil something.
Any idea's?
mrs62610 replied to mendezwife's response:
Did you finish your pack of pills or stop mid-cycle? What I have read suggests finishing the pack of b/c to lessen the chance of messing up your cycles.

Regardless of whether or not you finish the pack, when you go off b/c in can mess up your cycles. (Make you not ovulate, or just make it irregular) If you are not ovulating then you most likely won't have a period. I would recommend calling your dr and filling them in, they should be able to get you back on track or at least do a blood pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy. I hope you get some answers! Keep me posted!
mendezwife replied to mrs62610's response:
No I did not finish my pack. But looks like today Aunt flow is on her way! We just moved so I need to find a doc anyway. We are military so I never have the same doc for anything!

So since it looks like my flow is coming, maybe I will start to get on track again. Thanks for the info! I dont even know if it will happen again for us, with all the trouble we've had.....but we will try!
mrs62610 replied to mendezwife's response:
Good luck to you! Hopefully you will get back on track now since AF is showing up!

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